The Sunday Giveaway: A Big Set of Broadway Books

Remember summer reading lists? When I was in high school, I got a list of books from my English teacher to read during the three months of summer vacation.  And we got quizzed when we got back to school in September. And most of ‘em were boooooooooring. If only they were Broadway books! Consider this week’s Sunday Giveaway your holiday reading list as we give away four great reads, including: Song of Spider-Man by Glen Berger (yep, it’s the tell-all filled with all sorts of inside gossipy scoop) A Fine Romance by Candice Bergen (which isn’t even out yet – …

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Who won my Be A Broadway Star board game?

The version of Be A Broadway Star that is “in stores now” was just updated to include a whole bunch of new shows, characters and more.  But after reading this post, well, I wanna update it again! Some of your ideas for “Make or Break” cards? Read Shakespeare in voices of The Muppets. Dying to audition for the role of Raul in “Phantom,” you rush into the restroom only to discover Andrew Lloyd Webber at the next urinal . . . (this one is especially interesting if the game player is female). Or my favorite . . . You are Idina Menzel …

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Would I have canceled The Interview? And would you?

There are some days when I dream about being a big time Hollywood Studio Movie Producer. Yesterday was not one of them. Like most of the world, I’ve been watching this The Interview crisis like it was an act of terrorism . . . oh wait . . . it was. And like I do with just about everything that involves a leader faced with a big decision (but especially those that affect the entertainment industry), I asked myself, ‘What would I have done?’ (It’s a great game, by the way – and this exercise helps you define your leadership …

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How long should your preview period be?

One of the first things that Broadway Producers have to decide when a show gets green-lit is their schedule. I often work backwards.  When do I want the show to open?  Once I have that date, I count back the number of weeks of previews that I want.  Then I count back the number of weeks of rehearsal I want.  Then I count back the scenic build start date, the advertising campaign start date, the date I start double therapy sessions per week and so on. See how that works? But wait . . . those preview performances . . …

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Who will be The Broadway Producer of the Year 2014?

It’s that time of year, my friends! Before 2014 comes to a close, it is time for us to find out who, who, who is The Broadway Producer of the Year! And how do we decide?  Well, we let you vote, of course!  Duh! I’ve been holding this e-contest for six years now, with previous winners including Kevin McCollum, Daryl Roth and Hal Luftig.  But this year could be the tightest race yet! See, I always poll my fellow producer friends to come up with the list of the year’s nominees, and they had a super hard time keepin’ it to just five!  (One nominator …

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