Who won the tickets to That Bachelorette Show?

Oh reality TV, you guilty pleasure you. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in getting suckered into all these “unscripted” (ha!) dramas.  I have to admit, I’ve never yelled at my television more than when watching Season 10 of The Bachelorette (oh Andi, you chose such the obvious choice – it’s no wonder you guys just broke up – you’re no more ready for marriage than he was).  Or maybe I yelled more during Season 2 of The Apprentice . . . or oh man, the 4th Season of American Idol when Constantine Maroulis crushed Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Ok, I could talk about this …

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If you want to work in the theater, you have to net-work in the theater. Start Saturday!

“It’s all about who you know,” right? Well, in the theater, which only has about 18 people who work on every show, who you know is even more important. Which is why networking (which isn’t what you do to a bunch of computer servers, all u tech-trained millennials) is more important than variable pricing.  And honestly, it’s one of the biggest regrets I had when I was dreaming of being in the biz.  I didn’t do enough of it!  (Honestly, you can’t do too much.) Networking opps are hard to come by, though, I know (I’ve got some planned for the future – …

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Hamilton’s moving on up. What would you have done?

There has been a historical amount of buzz about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s The Hamilton Mixtape (the original title) since . . . well, since he first told people he was writing it!  Maestro Miranda had already ushered in a new type of Broadway storytelling with his first show, In the Heights, so the industry was like a kid waiting for Xmas to roll around when we all heard he was putting pen to paper and working on his second musical. Someone outside the Broadway biz asked me why there was so much attention around the debut of the now titled Hamilton this spring.  I’ve never responded …

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Win $500 in the Second Annual Davenport Songwriting Contest!

Let’s face it . . . a good ol’ “you can do this,” and “your future starts today,” are great motivators to get creative people working. But sometimes there’s nothing better than this cocktail of a combo for getting people to create: A deadline A performance opportunity in front of a live audience including cool industry peeps Cold, hard cash And that’s why we’re hosting the Second Annual Davenport Songwriting Contest! See, I just love it when writers write something new.  Where there was nothing, then there is something. And when there is something, the possibilities are endless.  That was the theory behind …

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5 Things The Tony Awards can learn from The Oscars.

They say a billion people watched the Academy Awards.  And I was one of them. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration.  Over 43 million watch, in real time.  And then many others watch later, in clips, etc. By contrast, our little engine that could of an awards show, the Tony Awards, gets an audience of 7 million. Just imagine . . . for a second . . . if we could grab, steal . . . or even borrow . . . just a simple million of those Academy Awards viewers for our show.  What do you think the conversion rate …

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