Top 10 Things NOT to say in an email to me.

I have this cool tool that measures the amount of email I send and receive called Gmail Meter.  It’s pretty fun.  It’ll tell me the top people I send emails to (My General Manager, My Assistant, and My Wife, in that order) and it charts my most active email hours of the day, as well …

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Happy New Year . . . again?

Don’t worry.  We didn’t Marty McFly-back in time.  It is February 2nd. But I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year.  Again. Here’s why. There’s something amazing about the turn of the year.  With the pop of the cork comes a burst of enthusiasm and optimism for the coming year.  We set resolutions, …

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Podcast Episode 57 – From Caucus Country, Broadway Presenter Jeff Chelesvig

Iowa is one of the great political states in our union, thanks to the first big Presidential primary race (which is underway on the day this blog goes live!). What most people don’t know is that Iowa is also one of the great theatrical states as well, thanks to Jeff Chelesvig and the work he does at Des …

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