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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Piece of My Heart Off Broadway!

I’m officially a married man! But before I head off for my honeymoon . . . we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away. One piece of marriage advice my wife (!) and I keep hearing is to give each other our hearts.  And this week’s giveaway is appropriately titled Piece of My Heart. Want to win two tickets to see this Bert Berns themed Off Broadway musical?  Comment below with your best marriage advice for a pair of newlyweds. Tracy and I will pick our favorite.  And now, let the honeymoon begin!   (Got a comment? I love ‘em, …

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Who won the tickets to Modern Times with the NY Philharmonic?

I know showing films with an orchestra playing live is only one thing that the NY Phil does every year, but somebody should do this all the time.  I get all giddy thinking about hearing a 50 piece orchestra play some of your suggestions for this week’s giveaway:  Oliver, Fantasia . . . or Moulin Rouge! But the winner of this week’s giveaway, the guy that will be taking the tickets, and hopefully taking a hot date to see Modern Times with the NY Philharmonic is . . . Nelson M.! Congrats, Nelson!   Email me to get your tickets. Oh, and, …

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Why in the wind is the weather so scary.

If you’re like me, and you get your daily weather report from The Weather Channel’s Weather.com, then you might think the sky is falling.  Literally. Take a look at the headlines that have appeared on the homepage over the last week: Why Scientists Are Worried About Yellowstone Tropical Threat, The Next Move Most Powerful Earthquake in Decades Hammers California Entire Town Running Out of Water Gulf of Mexico:  Tropical Threat Ahead WARNING:  Threat Brewing in the Gulf Dangerous Storms Ahead Scary, right?  Not a single positive, good times, sunny day, headline in the bunch. Why? Because someone at The Weather …

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Could Broadway pull a Burger King?

I knew there was a reason I was a McDonald’s fan. Burger King made a Whopper-sized announcement this week that they are buying Tim Hortons, another processed food parts chain, and moving their headquarters to Canada . . . eh? Why this major business move? Simple.  Why else do big corporations (and sometimes small corporations, and sometimes super wealthy people) move? To get further away from the long arm of the IRS.  Yep, Burger King, one of the most successful American food franchises, which earned $75.1 (!) million last quarter, is trading in their US passport to save taxes. There’s a …

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Why running out of salt can teach you about budgeting.

I’m a salt-a-holic. I’m not as bad as my little bro, who salts his bacon hamburgers, but I’m still pretty bad.  I’ll add extra salt to things like, oh McDonald’s fries (which come pretty doused as is), pizza crust, and if you find yourself between me and a bag of those salted-in-the-shell peanuts, well look out.  I’ll not only eat the peanuts and the salty shell, I’ll take down the bag with me too. So imagine the horror I experienced at about 12:30 AM last week when I got home after a long day, sat down for a little fast …

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