The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Goodspeed’s The Theory of Relativity!

You know summer is approaching when I’m giving away tickets to a Goodspeed show! The Goodspeed Opera House is one of the country’s most beautiful seasonal theaters in one of the country’s most beautiful locales . . . but the theater is more than that.  It has also produced some of the country’s most successful musicals, having given birth to shows like Annie and Man of La Mancha. And now they are debuting another new musical at their Norma Terris Theatre (where my own 13 tried out years ago), that, who knows, could be the country’s next big hit. It’s called The Theory of Relativity and it’s …

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Who won the tickets to The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway?

Ok, one of you enterprising writers out there, please, please, please write a play that takes place in an acting class.  If you need a hysterical scene or two, just read a few of this week’s entries.  Oh man, did you guys make me pee.  My favorite had to be the girl who was practicing fainting and actually fainted . . . to the applause of her classmates who thought she was acting.  Genius! But in case you didn’t know, I don’t choose the winner of these giveaways by my favorite.  I choose them by random.  And this week, the …

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My Predictions for the 2014-15 Tony Nominations.

There are a lot of people that are going to have a sleepless weekend.  How can you relax if you’re just days away from finding out if you’re gonna get nominated for a Tony Award?  These little trophies can change career trajectories, make a difference between recoupment and not, or fetch a good bundle on eBay later on in life if you’re hard up for some cash. I’ve been to two opening nights this week, and all that anyone could talk about at the party was who will and who won’t be nominated for the big four awards (Best Musical, …

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Why your materials matter.

We get a lot of script submissions. Sometimes they are emailed to us.  Sometimes they get mailed to us. Sometimes they get pressed on us when we’re at an industry event (I don’t recommend this, btw). But we get a lot of them. We do read them all, even though admittedly it can take awhile, because we read each one with care, and because, well, we get a lot of them.  And yeah, sometimes we get VIP requests from agents or other producers that go to the top of the pile. I got a script the other day that went …

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Forget the Alamo. Remember the BlackBerry?

You remember the BlackBerry? It wasn’t too long ago that the BlackBerry was the coolest device around.  I wanted one big time.  And when I had one, I thought I was the hippest cat around (of course saying things like “hippest cat” immediately disqualifies me from actually being one, so . . . ). It wasn’t too long ago that the stock for BlackBerry was over $230.  Now, it’s about $10. And remember AOL?  Everyone was in those chat rooms.  Now I judge people who have aol.com email addresses.  (Yep, I’m sorry mom. I’m talking to you too. But it’s called …

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