Who won the tickets to Blank! The Musical?

It’s official . . . I have the funniest blog readers ’round! Last week I asked you all to give me a celebrity, a fruit, and a superpower to create the name of a new musical and you created everything from LeBron James and the Gravity-Defying Raspberry to Anne Hathaway and the Mind-Reading Tomato. But let’s get down to it, who won the tickets to Blank! The Musical? I just couldn’t pick a favorite, so the winner by random selection is Jillian T! Email me to set up your tickets.  And congrats!   (Got a comment? I love ‘em, so …

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Everyone wishes they could Be Like Mike.

I’m going to admit something super selfish right now. Yesterday, Mike Nichols, the genius writer/director/actor/superhero passed away. And I never got to work with him. (Told you it was selfish, but damn it, it’s the truth.) Then again, who didn’t want to work with him?  I recently asked an agent if a certain mega movie star would ever consider doing Broadway and you know what the agent said?  “You can forget it, Ken.  He’s not doing Broadway.  The only way it would ever happened is if Mike Nichols called and asked him to do something.” Everybody wanted to work with …

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Here ye! Here ye! It’s The 7th Annual Producer’s Perspective Social – And You’re Invited!

It’s that time, y’all! As you know, I love me some online communication.  Blogs, email, the ol’ tweeter.  It’s all good. But nothing, no-thing, compares to actual face to face interaction.  Especially in our business.  We want need our customers to engage with our shows face-to-face, right?  So that means we need to engage face-to-face much more often ourselves.  Otherwise, forget it. That’s why I threw my first Producer’s Perspective Social so many moons ago . . . and that’s why we’re about to throw our 7th! Wait.  What?  You don’t know about the social? It’s pretty simple.  It’s a …

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Did that David Bowie reference come across in the headline for this blog? Try again. Ex-ch-ch-ch-changes! There we go.  You get what I’m laying down now, right? Speaking of laying down, Disney Theatrical laid down a super duper new policy this week regarding ticket exchanges that has me dancing in the streets like David Bowie . . . because it’s exactly what I blogged about back in 2009! Way back then I wondered why we didn’t have “change fees,” like the airline industry.  You want to change your flight, it’s $75 and maybe a fare difference, but it’s not “use it …

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5 Tips to Starting a Theater Blog (or any blog for that matter).

So you wanna start a theater blog, huh? Gosh, I hope the answer to that is yes. See, my mission statement, on and off my blog, is simple.  I want to amplify the conversation about theater.  If more people are talking about theater, whether that’s because of my blog or because they are playing my board game, then maybe more people will want to go see the theater, or get involved in the theater.  And that floats all our boats, and more importantly enriches people’s lives (cuz I think that’s what the theater does). If there are more theater blogs …

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