Not many people will read this blog.

You’re one of the few people who will read this blog today. Don’t fret, it’s not because Broadway isn’t cool anymore, or because people are mad at me, it’s simply because it’s the start of the first long weekend of the summer and people are thinking BBQs, summer movies and mojitos. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everybody! …

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My favorite moment of the Mad Men series finale.

Spoiler alert! I was a big fan of Mad Men for the first several seasons.  The series started with my favorite foundation for a story line for any drama (remember this, kiddos): show the viewers a world they’ve never seen before.  The average TV viewer doesn’t know what it’s like on the inside of a high-powered ad agency …

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What Broadway does that tours should do, and a “Will it Recoup?” update!

When a Broadway show recoups its capitalization, the Producer and the Press Agent scream it from the hills like they were Mel Gibson in Braveheart going into battle.  “Recooooooooouuuuuupppppment!!!!” And they should. Recouping a Broadway show ain’t easy, so everyone involved (including the artists and actors, btw) should be so proud of what they’ve done.  (And besides, …

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Podcast Episode #20 – The Perspective from the Other Side of the Table with Local One Pres., James Claffey.

One of the reasons I started this podcast is because I was getting tired of the sound of my own voice typing.  I wanted to hear other people’s perspectives.  And I wanted you to hear other people’s perspectives, as well. But I didn’t want just other Producers.  That would be too easy.  And you never learn …

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