End of Q1 Results for Broadway’s 2014-15 Season

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Hugh Jackman’s hoppin’ through the opening number of the Tony Awards, and now . . . the 1st quarter of the 2014-15 season is over. The first quarter of the season used to be a quiet one.  Theaters were dark by the handful.  Opening nights were a rarity.  And weekly meetings became monthly meetings as people scampered to the Hamptons to rest before the beginning of the new season. Not anymore, my producer perspectin’  friends.  Nowadays, the next Broadway season starts even before the official ratings of the Tony Awards come …

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Is a new Broadway theater a good idea?

Based on the number of likes I got when I Facebooked the news about the soon-to-be-built Broadway theater (2018 anyone?), you all like love the idea. But is it really a good idea? Before a new business owner opens any new business, whether that’s a theater, a restaurant or a golf course, you’ve got to survey the market.  What kind of competition is there?  How expensive is it to open?  What’s the population of the community (i.e. are there actually enough people around you to support the concept?)? Given the fact that we’ve got a line of shows looking to open …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times at the NY Philharmonic!

Here’s one of the more unique theatrical giveaways we’ve ever had here on a Sunday!  And I gotta say, I wanna win! My father introduced me to the classic Charlie Chaplin film Modern Times back in my pre-teen days, and I remember being blown away by the comedy, but also the social statement that the movie was making simultaneously.  I’ll admit my father had to explain it to me . . . but it didn’t take me too long to get it. That was the genius of Chaplin (and why there was a musical about him)  . . . he was …

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Who won the free rehearsal space?

I’ve got a big weekend of work ahead of me, and you all gave me some great places to go to inspire me, from a coffee shop, to the park, to a concert.  (If you’re looking for a new place to work and need some inspo, click here.) It’s so interesting to me how we all need, crave, depend on different types of environments to get our juicers juicin’.  And here’s a big tip, especially to any of you having dreaded writer’s block (or entrepreneur’s block – which is a real thing, btw – go ahead, check webMD – ok, …

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