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Overheard at The Broadway League Conference: Day 1

Yesterday was the very first day of the annual Broadway League Spring Road Conference, when all the members of the Broadway League are invited to NYC to share in three days of seminars and shows about the business of Broadway.  And, since so many of the attendees are Tony Voters from out of town, the conference is also a chance for the Tony Nominated productions and performances to give it one last hard sell for a vote. The conference is always a very cool thing.  Of course there are always fantastic and enlightening presentations (Jon Stewart gave the keynote, Denzel …

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Broadway Plans

The Broadway League Conference Day 3: You can’t build anything without a plan.

There were no panels today.  No keynotes.  And no lectures. Why not?  Because it was time for all of us to take what we learned over the past few days and figure out what we wanted to focus on in the future.  It was time to help come up with a plan – a plan to make Broadway an even better place than it already is – for all of us and for all of you. I’m not going to go into the details of what was discussed (although I think a few of my League member peers were afraid …

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At the Broadway League Conference – Day 2/The Importance of Education

Spring Road Conference Day 2! Day 2 is only only a half day – partly because everyone runs off to see matinees, and partly because everyone is still stuffed and a bit hungover from the monster party thrown by Book of Mormon last night. It began early this AM with a session called “Road Committees At Your Service” which was focused on “Arts Education and Community Engagement” in order to not only sell tickets to audiences today but sell tickets to audiences tomorrow. Honestly?  This is a tough thing for a lot of Broadway Producers to wrap their heads around …

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At the Broadway League Conference – Day 1/Wise Words about We from Jonathan Tisch

The first sign of Spring for me isn’t shorts, or sun dresses, or even that half of the business has already started taking Friday afternoons off. The first sign that Spring has sprung is . . . the Broadway League Spring Road Conference has begun. Every year about this time, hundreds of Producers and Presenters and Marketing Folks (insert, “Oh My!”, here) from theaters all over the country descend upon New York City to meet, mingle and dissect everything that’s wrong with our biz and discuss how to fix it. Oh, and they see a lot of shows (it’s during …

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The wizards behind our curtains.

Yesterday marked the last day of the annual Broadway League Spring Road Conference, the four-day-long conference for Producers and Presenters from all over the country that’s filled with keynotes, cocktail parties, and lots of Tony lobbying. (This is when a ton of the voters from outside the tri-state see the shows and make their decisions.) There are always discussions about digital marketing, how to save the subscription model, how we educate the touring market about new Broadway shows and so on. But by far, the most popular sessions every year are these fantastic Creative Conversations panels that feature interviews with …

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