How to Nail Your Audition Workshop

Do you want to improve your chances of getting your dream role?  Want more callbacks?  Want to be remembered by the creative team?

Some of my most popular blogs have been my 10 Audition Tips for Actors and its sequel 10 MORE Audition Tips for Actors.  So I’ve decided to share even more of what I’ve learned watching hundreds of auditions over the years in a live workshop setting.

In this brand new Audition Workshop, we’ll refine all the details of your audition technique from how you walk in the door to your choice of material to how to handle “adjustments.”  You’ll leave my workshop with the confidence that you know exactly what Directors and Producers are looking for during your three minutes in the room . . . and that you can give it to them!

This workshop is limited to ten auditionees only, who will each get a chance to perform a full song and one sixteen bar cut (two monologues for non-musical theater performers).

And, as with all my seminars, if you don’t think I’ve improved your audition technique by the time my workshop is over, I’ll give you your money back.  Simple and guaranteed.


November 5, 2014 at 7pm


How to Audition Workshop

“Our students had a blast and were raving about the workshop all the way home. They found Mr. Davenport’s guidance informative, useful, and interesting! They learned a lot and were thrilled that he thought they could hold their own in an audition room.” - Laura Grandi-Hill

“Mr. Davenport was wonderful, enlightening and approachable. It really taught me to not be as afraid of auditions as I have been in the past and really opened my mind about the audition process.” – Casey D. Conner

“The experience overall was wondrous! To be able to hear from a professional gave me much more confidence for when I go out and audition. I am excited for my future in acting now. The experience easily made my week.” – Autumn Shenko

“Many of the things Ken Davenport said could be applied to many areas of life, as well as theatre. What he had to say was very interesting, and I would find myself hanging on every word. It had a very positive vibe, and I came out of it with a fresher outlook on life.” - Summer Gahles

“Not only was the workshop thrilling and extremely helpful for perfecting my craft, it was personalized to each individuals situation that auditioned and I was a part of the lucky few that had that amazing opportunity and could not be more appreciative.” – Nicholas Wainwright

“I’ve been raving about the time I had to my actor friends and definitely encourage them to take the seminar. Ken has this fantastic energy that is eye-opening and simplifying. It was a very encouraging evening and has given me very clear things to work on.” – Perri Yaniv

“Ken Davenport’s workshop opened my eyes to the business of theatre and taught me so many valuable audition techniques. He was extremely encouraging and treated us as professionals. I am going to apply everything he taught us to any auditions in the future.” - Juliet Layne

How to Audition Workshop