Don’t ask unless you are ready to receive.

An up-and-coming Producer met with me recently in my office and pitched me a brand new project.  The pitch was a good one.  Very professional.  Not too long.  To the point.  And she knew exactly what she wanted from the meeting:  her objective was to get me to invest in her show, which she was sure was the next Rent. I wasn’t so sure that she should be polishing her Pulitzer just yet, but the project did have some merit even though it was very early, so I decided to play along to see how ready she was to take …

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Le Det

More than one road leads to Broadway.

I’m writing this blog while sitting in a hotel room, waiting to see a performance of a musical that is working its way to Broadway. Am I California?  At The Old Globe?  La Jolla?  Ahmanson? Well, I am in LA . . but not that LA.  I’m in Louisiana. New Orleans, to be exact, seeing a production of White Noise, a 2006 graduate of NYMF that has been in the news a lot lately. Noise is playing at a little theater nestled deep in the French Quarter. And when I say little theater, I mean exactly that. It’s called Le …

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Want to know what you’re most interested in?

I stare at stats like some people stare at art. Recently, I was looking at some numbers from my blog (like they were painted by French Impressionists or something), and I clicked through to the list of my most read entries. I found it interesting, so I’m publishing the list below.  It’ll give you a sense of what the readers are interested in (it certainly showed me a thing or two).  And if you’re a new reader, this list will give you a chance to catch up on some of the more read stuff you might have missed without you …

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Horse Racing

A “Will It Recoup” update.

The recoupment of Blithe reminded me that it was time to check in with our “Will It Recoup” contest and see what shows have made money and what shows haven’t. Do you still have a shot at the iPhone?  Here’s how the horse race to recoupment looks so far:     SHOW                         DID IT (OR WILL IT) RECOUP? 33 Variations               NO Impressionism            NO Blithe Spirit                 YES God of Carnage          YES Exit The King              NO Irena’s Vow                 NO Reasons to be …

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