theater, iphone apps, broadway, Ken DavenportI thought this was one of my best ideas for a blog in awhile.

But when I started to do some research, I was quickly reminded how Broadway is about 10 years behind every other industry, especially in terms of technology.

I could barely find 10 Broadway or Theater related iPhone apps . . . period!

Sure, there’s the We Will Rock You game, which I’ve written about before, as well the app for BroadwayWorld (BWW is always out front in terms of tech), BroadwayInChicago (offering tickets and schedules for this huge Chicago presenting house), TheaterGlossary (exactly what it sounds like) and BroadwayTube (which has only 1 review with 1 star), and some techie apps (thank you

But that’s pretty much it.

Kind of sad, don’t you think?  Especially since apps aren’t going anywhere soon (In fact, their importance may be only increasing as they get a shot at a bigger stage on the new Apple tablet, as discussed in this NY Times article).

So come on all you developers and thinkers out there, let’s brainstorm some Bway apps!  And I’m pointing my finger at myself as well, because I want one more than a 6-year-old girl wants a pony, but I haven’t quite cracked a concept either.

So let’s try and crack it together!  In fact, here’s a proposal:

Send your ideas for iPhone apps to  If I see one I like and make it, we’ll split the profits.

You win, I win, and the biggest winner of all?  The business.

Because the goal here is not to make money.

The goal is simply to have enough content for a blog post titled, “The Top 10 Broadway and Theater iPhone Apps!”


As of June 5, 2010, we are no longer accepting iphone application ideas.  Thanks for the terrific responses, and do look for our first iPhone application to launch in the summer of 2010!


UPDATED JULY 22, 2010:  Our “At The Booth” iPhone App is now available!  Entertainment Weekly calls it “The best thing to happen to New York Theater since, well, the introduction of the TKTS Booth!”

Read the announcement post here!

Donwload the app here!

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9 Responses to The Top 10 Broadway and Theater iPhone Apps

  1. Katie Green says: has a great mobile applications with the following:
    Most Recent Reviews
    Venus in Fur
    Another Sky
    The Picture of Dorian Gray
    Find a Venue
    Ticket Discounts
    This Week’s Top 10 Reviewers’ Picks
    It’s a great application!

  2. Tara says:

    Last night, I really could have used an app that had info on what shows play on what night, and rush/lotto/SRO/partial view discounts. I managed to hit up two shows that do not play on Wednesday night after getting some misinformation from a friend.

  3. Whatever says:

    You are such a douche bag. You think if I have a good idea I am going to bring it you so you can profit from it?
    This blog is the most self indulgent piece of shit I have ever read in my life.

  4. So, it’s been about 3 months since this post (an eternity in terms of internet/mobile innovation). Do you have any updates with new Broadway/theatre apps? (other than your blog – I saw that post and Congrats by the way).

  5. Just keep reading . . . as I said, we should have an announcement pre-summer.

  6. I’d love to see an IMDb for theatergoers. There is IBDB, but this doesn’t include off-Broadway, London, tours, regional theater, etc., and I don’t think there’s an app for it yet anyway.

  7. says:

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    Thank you
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  8. H.R. Bradford says:

    A new app just came out for i phone and i pad called “producer” geared toward film producers. However I find it useful for casting and crew. I couple this with Tom’s Planner, a web planner for production lists and schedules and then do my production budgets with the new indinero web and i phone app that is a for business and allows the customization for adding categories like props, lights, etc…the digital world is finally catching up and becoming more creative. :)

  9. [...] January 26th, I wrote a blog about the Top 10 Broadway and Theater iPhone apps, only to find out that there weren’t even [...]

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