Here are a few laughs for all of you out there, especially those of you that have been an actor at any point in your career and tried to explain it to a family member.

Even I remember having conversations like this with some of my extended family back when I was looking to tread the boards.  Exact quote from a cousin: "Ken, you're an actor, right?  You should do one of those soap operas."  My response: "Oh my gosh, how I could I be so stupid? I'm going to go sign up on Monday and be on a soap opera!"

Watch, enjoy, then go "Do Phantom!"


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5 Responses to Fun on a Friday: A cartoon actor that is oh so real.

  1. Woman on the Verge of Eye Rolling says:

    You know what else is really funny? Your interns pimping your app. on line at the booth, asking the crowd “Does anyone have any questions about any shows?” and telling people waiting what they think of shows, in particular bad mouthing WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. Keep it classy Mr. Davenport, keep it classy.

  2. They should make one of these for Producers… you mean people give you money and then you give it to other people?

  3. Michael Mooney says:

    This one is also very funny, “An encounter with an usher”:

  4. Dan Padowski says:

    @Woman on the Verge Your show is not the only show his interns bad mouth. Any comments, Ken?

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