And I’m not talking about the vinyl kind.

Although I’m not a huge football fan, whenever the Patriots are in the post-season, my New England roots kick in, and I find myself cheering my head off for Tom Brady, with a wing in one hand and a Coke-filled cozy in another.

And while watching the games over the last few weeks, I noticed that those color commentary guys come up with a lot of records.  And they can be records about anything . . .

  • Most TD passes ever thrown in a post-season game.
  • Coldest regular season game.
  • Longest punt return by a rookie.

You get the pic.

Some of these Most/Longest/Baldest statistics are a bit much, actually, and are only crunched to give the sportscasters stuff to fill the time.

But a lot of it is fun, because the NFL knows that people respond to records.  And they make each game unique, and therefore memorable . . . so it stands out from all the others that the viewer may have seen.

And isn’t that one of the rules of marketing?

As a Producer, look and see what is unique about your show and let the world know.  Maybe you have the youngest cast on Broadway, or the most ethnically diverse, or maybe one of your songs has the highest note ever sung, or the longest note ever held.

None of these by itself are going to get you to the Superbowl of Success, but they just may help keep you top of mind, when you don’t have much else to talk about.

Go Pats.


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7 Responses to Forget CDs and MP3s, Broadway needs more Records.

  1. janis says:

    Surely the statisticians can come up with something. I would love knowing some impressive stats about the shows I love. You could lead the way with your shows.

  2. James says:

    I love it when the pop world comes up with stats. Most recently Rihanna has had the most selling #1 hits. While Mariah holds the most records sold, but Madonna has had more records at #1 in more countries. BUT WAIT! Katy Perry has had 5 No. 1 hits from one album. So…. In end Who’s the best?

  3. James says:

    Oops, I just checked… Rihanna is the youngest artist ever to get 11 #1 hits.
    Whatever the records are, I really think the fans take those stats to heart! Broadway should definitely market their “records” more often.

  4. Cam says:

    Well Stats or not, it gives you something to talk about when you hit the talk shows, and use that free advertising to your own benefit. Maybe it’s time to go on Craig Ferguson?

  5. jan & mike says:

    Thanks for the tip, Ken. You always go the extra mile to get the most out of us! Now, go on and win, Tom Brady & the Pats….

  6. Evelyn says:

    Go Pats??!!??!! Don’t you know Broadway is Giants territory??!!??!!
    I say, go Godspell, this year’s hit show with the highest number of principal actors making their Broadway debut!!!!

  7. Bryan David says:

    Dear Mr. Davenport, et al:
    May I ask, how many of these shows would have to open Off-Broadway at the same time (or over-lap) to:
    (by one Playwright and possibly one Producer?)
    1) “Whitechapel” ©
    The Life & Times
    ‘Jack The Ripper’
    A Musical Love Story! ™
    © Copyright 1996/2007 Bryan David/Brandon Kress
    All Rights Reserved
    2) “Wilde About Me” ©
    The Life, Loves & Lawsuits
    Oscar Wilde! ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David/Brandon Kress
    All Rights Reserved
    3) “Christmas Dreams & Holiday Wishes” ©
    (And the Christmas Fairy Too!) ™
    © Copyright 1999 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    4) “The Island of Lost & Found” ©
    (The Black Hole) ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    5) “The Dorr Family” ©
    (Closed & Locked)
    ‘A Tragedy of Hope in Two-Acts’ ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    6) “Public Relations” ©
    (A Musical Sensation!) ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    7) “Furnished Rooms” ©
    The Musical!
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    8) “Hotel-Hotel” ©
    (Grand It’s Not!) ™
    © Copyright 1999 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    9) “A Novel Idea” ©
    (When Typed!) ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    10) “Behind The Bar” ©
    The Jailhouse Musical! ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    11) “Harvest of Hate” ©
    (The Reaping!) ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    12) “Odd Man In” ©
    Alpha Dog! ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    13) “Olga & Kriss” ©
    From Prussia with Hate! ™
    © Copyright 2010 Bryan David All Rights Reserved
    14) “Flying High” ©
    ‘Winging It!’ ™
    © Copyright 1991
    Bryan David/Pamela Lane/Freddie Jordan
    All Rights Reserved
    I say Three (3) for a tie or four (4) for the title. What do you say Sir?

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