PSYCHO THERAPY – Photo Resume Request

WHO: Psycho Therapy – Christine De Lisle Casting SEEKING: Lily: 43. Former model claims to be — and can pass for — considerably younger. Now a dealer of contemporary art. She’s never been married, but also never been alone. Or, as she says it, she’s “had many successful relationships. Many.” In spite of her considerable trust issues, she still aspires to marry and have a child — with her clock ticking — a last-gasp compulsion which drives the madness of the play. Dorian: Man, 35. Lily’s younger boyfriend; has been involved with her twice before. Living in the shadow of a huge …

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Production Stage Manager – Squid Ink Productions

WHO: Squid Ink Productions SEEKING:  Stage Manager to run a new show opening this spring in Downtown Rochester. RESPONSIBILITIES: include organization, scheduling, management, running the backstage of the show, leading 2 ASM/deck hands on the run crew. REQUIREMENTS: This position requires enthusiasm, ambition, an artistic sensibility, and experience. Our company is fun and easy-going though hard-working, energetic, and exciting! WHEN:  Full time employment begins April 1st through Labor Day (till at least August 15th with the possibilty to extend if availability permits). PAY: Salary is $500/wk. HOW TO APPLY: For inquiries, questions and submissions, please email cover letter and resume …

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End of Q3 Broadway Grosses report: Only 1 more to go.

I really can’t believe we’re about to enter our 4th and final Quarter of the year.  The year has flown by.  It seems like yesterday we were counting up the number of Tonys Book of Mormon was going to win, and we’re getting close to T-Time again soon. But how’s business? Here’s how the season is stacking up after three quarters: Season to Date Gross:  $820,688,397 Last Season to Date Gross:  $769,572,296 Difference:  A whopping 6.6% increase Season to Date Attendance:  8,829,459 Last Season to Date Attendance:  8,762,097 Difference:  A paltry .8% Season to Date Playing Weeks:  1070 Last Season …

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Assistant TD – The Aracoma Story, Inc.

WHO: The Aracoma Story, Inc. SEEKING: Assistant TD position available with producer of WV's longest running outdoor drama during their 38th consecutive summer season. Great hands-on experience working with skilled TD leading a team to design and construct 3 sets and lead running crew during production. Visit for show info. WHEN: 5/14/2012 – 8/15/2012 PAY: $300 Wkly + Housing HOW TO APPLY: Email a resume to

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Asian Actors – M. BUTTERFLY Columbia MFA Directing Project

WHO: Columbia University MFA Directing Project SEEKING: Casting union or non-union male and female Asian actors for a production of M.Butterfly by David Henry Hwang REQUIREMENTS: Seeking to fill the following Roles:Song:Versatile Male actor 20s-early 30's, small frame, can convincingly portray a female. Should be able to sing and move well. Comfortable with mature themes and adult situations is a must.Comrade Chin:Female Asian 20s-40s. A hard edged member of the communist party WHEN: The production is for a Columbia University MFA director project.Show will be presented at Columbia University's Schapiro Theater April 20-22nd 2012Rehearsals begin March 6th and will be …

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