TKTS. It ain’t just for discounts anymore.

Talk to tourists about where they get tickets to Broadway shows, and a lot of them will say, “The Tickets Booth” or “That red place in the middle of Times Square” or “Where the people line up, you can’t miss it.”

Because of its location, and its brand-iful branding, the TKTS booth has become a go-to destination for ticket shopping . . . regardless of whether the shoppers were looking for a discount or not.

Well, TDF, the org that runs TKTS, addressed that issue this week by starting to sell full price tickets at The Booth.

(cue cheers)

Yep, that’s right, one of the windows at The Booth will now “serve as a “Full-Price Ticket Window” for future performances of all shows and for same-day performances of shows not available at a discount.”

The goal, of course, is to make sure our buyers know that half price tickets aren’t the only way to see a Broadway show.

(Another service rolled out this week is that matinee and evening tickets will be sold simultaneously on matinee days – a win for the consumer who wants to get up early and take of their plans for the day – and a win for the show that may decrease available inventory earlier, allowing them to variable price remaining inventory and potentially increase their overall gross.)

Read the full press release here.

The TKTS booth has been a savior for the industry for so many years, by giving shows a way to get cash for unsold inventory before the potential is lost.  And it has been so good at what it does,  it became a one-stop shop for theater tickets for so many.

Now, that one-stop shop, has multiple ways to get tickets:  50%, 40%, 30% and now full price.

It’s got something for every kind of shopper.

And when you have something for everyone, you have less attrition to other industries, and more profit for ours.


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