Producing a reading, stage reading or workshop? Here’s a panel for ya!

This could be one of the best panel discussion topics I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s brought to you by Off-Broadway Alliance.

This Sunday, December 2nd, at the World Famous Snapple Theater Center (World Famous because in an era of “How the @#$& Can I Get A Sponsor”, they got freakin’ Snapple!), The Alliance presents a panel on “Producing Readings, Stage Readings, and Workshops” featuring Press Rep Joe Trentacosta, Producer Donna Trinkoff and Producer/GM Liz Ulmer.

I can only imagine they will all talk about the ins/outs/logistics of the 29 hour reading, the workshop, etc. and also touch on the big questions like, “How the @#$& do I get Producers to come to my reading?”

(Good question by the way.  It actually might be easier to get Snapple to sponsor your reading than to get Producers to show up.)

The doors open at The Snapple (on 50th and Broadway) at 11:30 for coffee and bagels and chit-chat.  Panel from Noon to 1:30 PM with more chitter chatter networking after.

To RSVP and to ask a question in advance, click here.

Huh.  I’ve got a reading of Somewhere in Time coming up.  Maybe I’ll see you there!


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