Who won the tickets to Les Miz?

Ahhh, the Les Miz versus Phantom battle!  This week’s giveaway was as competitive as Barack versus Mitt, The Yankees versus The Red Sox . . . The Real Housewives of New Jersey versus The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Before we announce the winner of the tickets to see Les Miz at The National Theatre in DC, let’s see which show won in our to-the-death comment match which asked, “What show, Les Miz or Phantom, will run longer in London?”

The winner, by a score of 20 to 11 is . . . Les Miz!

Congratulations Little Cosette!

Don’t feel bad for Phantom, because they are crying all the way to over 1000% recouped.

And now, the winner of the tickets is . . . Kendra!  (I like the root of your name, btw)

Email me to set up your tickets.

And here’s hoping you all have a Les Miz or Phantom in your future.


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