If you want a show to have an impact on an audience and get gasps, laughter, tears . . . and great word of mouth, what should you do?

Make the impossible, possible.

Snow on stage . . . rain on stage . . . people flying above the stage . . . people traveling through (shameless plug) time . . . or, for those that think I’m talking only about spectacles . . . what about perfect, fairy tale-like love, or Val-Jean like morality?

When you’re producing or penning your next production make sure you’re doing something that the audience doesn’t encounter every day.  Take something seemingly impossible, and make it possible.

Otherwise, your audience will just stay home.  And watch a sitcom.


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2 Responses to Strive to make the impossible, possible.

  1. Carlos Mendoza says:

    AWESOME!!! Make the impossible possible. That’s what I’m working on. Step 1-write the book. CHECK Step 2-find a lyricist. In the works. Step 3-find a composer. CHECK. Step 4 MAKE IT POSSIBLE!!!!! to be continued

  2. So true and inspiring! I love that you mention the different forms of making the impossible possible- not just the spectacular-type shows but the ones that touch our humanity. Thank you! May this be an AMAZING year for you!

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