Collision The Play by The AmoralistsThey’re baaaaack.

The theater company that brought you the giveaway that almost included a gun (oh boy doesn’t that have a different ring to it these days, doesn’t it?), is back with a brand new play . . . and two tickets to give away.

The Amoralists are presenting the world premiere of the new play, Collisionunder the tag line, “What happens when all the wrong people meet at exactly the right time?”

And in Amoralistic style, they are giving away the tickets . . . and a flask.

Not sure how a flask plays into the collision, but you’ll find out if you win.  And instead of having to buy a $18 sippy cup for your cocktail, you’ll have a flask.  So there’s that.

Ok, let’s give these puppies away.

This week’s giveaway is so simple, even a Mac user can do it (I don’t really know what that joke means, but it sounded good when I typed it).

To enter to win tickets to Collision, tell me . . . now that the sippy cocktails have been in all Broadway theaters for a couple years now . . . let’s take a poll and see if you like the eating/drinking in your seats policy.

Comment with “aye” or “nay”, and we’ll pretend we’re congress. (Aye = in favor)

Next week I’ll report back with what you all thought and one winner chosen randomly will go see Collision.  Let the debate begin!


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89 Responses to The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Collision by The Amoralists

  1. A. Scott Falk says:

    Present. (I’m abstaining from taking a position.)

  2. Evie says:

    Nay (someone always pulls out a bag of chips in the middle of the show and starts crunching!)

  3. Susan says:

    Nay’ the noise is distracting. And oh my god I am turning into that cranky old lady.

  4. Kyle Abraham says:

    Aye. I like eating/drinking in my seat.

  5. Jeff says:


  6. Tom L says:

    Aye….it almost made The Boy From Oz bearable.

  7. Robin says:


    If you need to get drunk to enjoy the show, we need to make better shows.

  8. Steven U says:

    Aye! Even my movie theatre serves food and drink now.

  9. Bryan Austermann says:

    Aye, but they cost too many dollars.

  10. Cheryl Dzubak says:

    Nay! I don’t think you need to have a drink to enjoy a show or even eat in the theatre seats. People are sloppy and don’t pick up after themselves. They expect others to do it for them.

  11. Terrence Cranert says:

    Neigh! Are we that desperate for a few extra sheckels? Serve what you like IN THE LOBBY!!
    Bad enough at the movies after paying only ten bucks or less for a ticket.

  12. James Larson says:

    Rye! …I mean aye!

  13. Stewart says:

    Not only is it rude to audience members but also rude to the performers . As bad as a cell phone going off.

  14. Karen Campbell says:

    NAY to food!
    Aye to drinks IF they’re done right. Paper Mill Playhouse allows drinks if they are in what I fondly call their $2 “sippy cups” – plastic cups that twist and close. Seems it would keep things clean and bring in more $ … plus, they are a nice take-away and a re-usable reminder to visit again – a nice marketing tool.

  15. Alexa says:

    Nay…it breaks the magical spell to hear someone slurping or crunching.

  16. Natalie says:

    Aye! but I don’t like the food, it’s annoying someone eat next to you in theatre.

  17. burt says:

    aye–there have been times that a cocktail or two or more might have changed my review…

  18. Adam says:

    Yay. The days of everyone downing over priced drinks in cheap plastic cups huddled around the bar are finally over! Get your drink and take your seat! I’ve also often been in someone’s apartment and that Theatre Refresments sippy cup shows its face and every time the owner talks about the specific show they saw when they decided to splurge on a concession on Bway.

  19. Diane says:

    Nay–some people bring a whole meal to munch & move around loudly during a show (forget about just that quick noise when opening your wrapped candy). And I’ve seen some that can’t handle their liquor dumping their sippy cups on fellow theatre goers & just being plain old drunk during a performance. Who knows, that person up in the mezz at “Grace” might have had a little too much sippy cup action going on. But I do not have a problem with people bringing their own bottled water–one does need to keep hydrated.

  20. Sam says:

    Overpriced cheap wine? Aye! Noisy snacks? Nay?

  21. Erin G. says:

    Aye for drinks, Nay for food.

  22. Ruth Post says:

    Aye to beverages. Nay to any food with a crinkly noisy wrapper.

  23. Adam says:

    One other quick comment. Correct me I’m wrong but on Bway this isn’t really a decision that general producers or patrons have a vote on. The house gets half of the gross sales in exchange for access, I don’t think the production gets a penny I those sales. So as long as patrons are buying sippy cups and kit kats for 5 times the retail price the theatre will be happy to charge the company for an extra night porter. :)

  24. Jacquie says:


  25. Amanda says:


    I can’t stand all the ice noises (clinking, clattering, crushing between patrons’ teeth), and all the food bag noises.

  26. Sabrina L says:


  27. Aye to drinking, nay to eating

  28. Cate says:

    Aye! But for drinks only, NO FOOD!

  29. Stephanie Ross says:

    nay, not in seats. Lobby before the show and during intermission I think is okay. But in seats, no.

  30. gjc says:

    nay – alcoholix & kids don’t mix (when do plays start getting MPAA-style ratings to keep these 2 groups further apart???)

  31. Brian says:

    Nay. Encouraging people to buy intermission drinks before the show would be just as profitable. It would lead to shorter lines at intermission.

  32. Telba Cavero says:

    Nay! It’s annoying for the audience and the actors!

  33. Nay, I want to hear the actors speak, not my neighbor chew their food.

  34. Luci Jo says:

    Nay, we can make it a few hours with out booze or food… Come on. I am curious on the general publics feelings after movie theaters started introducing food and drink?

  35. Scott says:

    (and im stunned at the amount of ayes–i wonder if it’s a generational thing?)

  36. Rebecca says:

    Aye…I am one of those people that always need a snack and i try to do it in the most politie way possible where I eat my snack during intermission or i open the bag before the show begins. Sometimes you just need a little nosh, even the most fun shows sometimes are long and you need a little something to keep you going…though it is overpriced…i just paid 4 dollers for a bag of M&Ms in the theater.

  37. Karen Ranieri says:

    Nay. Trust me I love sneaking a cookie or piece of candy during a show. It just doesn’t seem classy to be eating and drinking during a Broadway show. Does the Opera and Ballet allow it? I’m not sure. It’s different when you are eating and drinking during a movie. It is designed to have sticky floors. lol Broadway is live theatre. Plus the theatres are beautifully crafted and have rugs on the floor. Spilled soda, drinks and food after a while will cause damage and probably raise ticket prices to clean the rugs or replace them eventually.

  38. Jeannie says:


  39. Nay, nay, nay

    It may be good for business, as concessions are in cinemas, but any potential distractions — however peripheral — that can be avoided, should be.

    Let’s not move, even inch the live theater experience toward the midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show experience.

  40. Ed Katz says:

    Aye- it can help- especially if the show isn’t great.

  41. Chantal says:

    Aye to drinks! I’ve never encountered a slurped or ice cruncher during a broadway show and I think a glass of wine is a lovely thing. Nay to the food though – unless they can come up with crinkle-free wrappers!

  42. Cara says:

    Aye – You can take you’re time and enjoy. AND if the cup is cool it doubles as a souvenir!

  43. Jeff says:

    Aye – Legit drinks pull the focus from my smuggled-in goods.

  44. Matt Mezzacappa says:


  45. Ging says:

    Aye, aye, captain!

  46. Candace P says:

    Yes on drinks. If people need a drink to feel relaxed, maybe Tunney will be more likely to buy tickets and see more shows!

  47. Elizabeth says:

    Aye! You can drink just about anywhere.. Why not at a show?!

  48. Lonnie Cooper says:

    Aye – it’s the only way I’ve gotten through many a second act:)

  49. Ed Ertle says:

    Nay! (In most cases…with one exception) If eating/drinking is part of that particular thatrical experience, the by all means, engage all the senses.

  50. Billy-Christopher Maupin says:

    Aye on drinks only.

  51. Nanda Douglas says:

    Nay, too messy.

  52. Travis says:


    Because when I bought $2 M&Ms at Bare I was very happy.

  53. Todd says:

    Nay (until everyone stays afterwards to clean it up)

  54. sarah safford says:

    Aye Aye!

  55. Ashley says:

    Aye – firmly, aye. I may be a bit late to the party for this one, but I like the sippy cups for adult beverages. I’ve started a collection so that when I have people over and we sit outside their adult beverages are protected from random flying stuff coming off NYC rooftops, so I find them useful at home too.

  56. Shannon D. says:

    Aye! (I sound Canadian! lol)
    I like them as souvenirs if they are personized for the given show – however, I don’t spend the money for them!
    However, I did purchase my “Power Balladz” one! :)

  57. Lorie says:


    I prefer my flasking before and after the show!

  58. Wendy C. says:

    Nay! Every time I go to the theatre now, I miss lines delivered by actors because my fellow theatregoers had to loudly ask “pass the peanuts”. It is just one of the many annoying things about going to theatre these days. Don’t get me started on why people find it hard to wait their turn on a line to enter the theatre…

  59. Samantha O says:


  60. Nay, it’s disappointing to pay such high ticket prices as well as expensive concession costs, then drink wine from a straw in a plastic cup.

  61. Cathie A. says:


  62. Cullen K. says:


  63. Karl says:

    Drinking in moderation is OK (no loud drunks, please!) No to eating! too many smells and crunching. Distracting to all.

  64. Shane says:

    Nay… although I confess there have been plenty of shows I was glad to have a drink (or several) to get through.

  65. Donna says:

    Nay. Focus on enjoying the show. You can survive for two hours without food and a drink.

  66. Nolan says:

    Aye to drinks, nay to food!

  67. A wholehearted ‘NAY!’
    a theatre is not your living room. it’s something sacred.

  68. Tim Realbuto says:

    Aye To the drinking. Not sure I feel the same way about eating…

  69. Joel K. says:

    Can I say it depends? I think it’s totally appropriate in some cases. Rock of Ages wouldn’t be the same without a cold PBR in my hand. I don’t mind the person next to me quietly enjoying a glass of wine during any show, but anything that becomes a distraction is just that. I go to the theater for the shared experience, and the things that don’t add to the show distract me from getting what I paid for.

  70. Sara Jayne says:


  71. Ellen Orchid says:

    I think it’s fine – aye! – to have food and drink in the theater. I do wish people wouldn’t leave their trash on the floor though. In London, the “Wicked” has two sets of snack bags to take to your seats – one with an alcoholic beverage among the chips and chocolate and one with an alcohol-free juice with the chips and chocolate. It makes it even more of an “event”. Also, I sometimes go to shows after a long day at work and I’m tired and the food/drink gives me a second wind if I haven’t had time for dinner. It’s just….fun!

  72. virginia vanderbilt says:

    AYE; To drink. I’ve been to many shows and I find very few people have a drink so if they enjoy it WHY NOT? NAY; To food. I have never see anyone eating during the show, only at intermission.

  73. Tony says:

    1/2 Aye. A drink at your seat is fine but having to listen to nearby audience members crunch and munch through a play is huge pet peeve.

  74. Bob Smith says:

    To me it’s just like guns. If you bring food into a theatre, someone is going to get hurt. Either the hungry guy next to you, or those poor souls on the stage who have to listen to your show instead of theirs.

  75. Solange De Santis says:

    If this is Chicago-style, I get to vote more than once. NAY-NAY-NAY-NAY. The quarters are too close and the activity too distracting and annoying. A movie theater is different. It’s not LIVE and the volume is way louder. Besides, that’s the whole point of going out for a drink AFTER the show in order to talk about it. Let’s have a little respect for the performers and our seat neighbors.

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