Marc Shamin

Shaiman smashes Smash: A love story.

Here are my Top 2 reasons why I love Marc Shaiman:

  1. He’s ferociously talented.
  2. He’s ferocious about speaking his mind.

Maestro Marc has been involved with a few online public debates over the years  . . . I’ve agreed with him on some . . . and not on others . . . but one thing is for sure, I’ve learned so much from every single one.

And his latest is no exception.

His “What Went Wrong with Smash” essay (which you can read here) is a masterclass in songwriting.  It talks about the inspiration and impetus for so many of the songs that appeared in the show, as well as how the songs were modified along the way thanks to the collaborative process . . . sometimes for better, and sometimes for, well, the opposite of better.

Marc is a smart dude, and he starts his post with the acknowledgement that Smash didn’t work.  And then he digs in to try and understand why.

That kind of acknowledgement and analysis is how we, as artists and producers, learn, so that the next time we do something, we have a better shot at success.

Read his article here.


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