I’ve been working on getting a revival of A Few Good Men on the boards for a few years now (a perfect example of what I talked about in this blog).  One of the stumbling blocks, of course, has been finding the right actors to step into the shoes of Tom Cruise and, of course, Jack “You Can’t Handle The Truth” Nicholson.  

Well, thank God.  I’ve finally found him.  And he was in a bathtub.

Happy Friday!  


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5 Responses to Fun on a Friday: I’ve found someone to star in A Few Good Men.

  1. Joe Starzyk says:

    Congratulations. Maybe the guy from the AT&T commercials who sits with the kids can play opposite him.

  2. Ruth says:

    OMG!! That is so amazing!! Sign that kid up. He’s got a future!

  3. Shani M. says:

    That’s my son! Thanks for the shout out. Let us know when you want him to audition :)

  4. Derek says:

    Ken, just to let you know – there is a technical problem on recent links from your emails where it says “email subscribers click here – say what’s on your mind” or whatever. Those links are not clicking through for some reason.

  5. Bill says:

    I got a black screen for whomever you found for “A Few Good Men,” and the “comment” click yielded only a “404 This Page Does Not Exist.”

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