You know your show is a phenom when Funny or Die makes fun of it.

Check out this awesome vid about Chicago starring a former Taxi star, Marilu Henner – who takes a nice self-deprecating jab at herself.

As odd as it sounds, I hope each and every one of you has a show that gets mocked this relentlessly.

Because you’ll be laughing along with him . . . on your private island with your Butler named Jeeves and a masseuse for your dog.  Now that’s a Happy Ending.

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Fun on a Friday: How to become a Broadway legend.

  1. keith says:

    Ken, if you follow the logic of your post, which I think is funny and good advice, you’ve been holding out on us. You should just about be shopping for your private Island by now (and please don’t say it is “Manhattan”… )

  2. So, I guess you gotta be an extrovert, huh?

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