3 Ways to Save on Broadway Tickets this Winter.

Winter sucks.

There, I said it.

Winter sucks so much that I’m  trying to get a petition going to move Broadway to the West Coast, or the South East Coast, or to Bora Bora.  Any one of those will work.  Who’s in?

Until then, we just have to deal with it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of deals going on to help us with that.

Yep, for those of you who find Broadway and Off Broadway tickets too expensive, put on your parka, because you’re going to the theater!  Here are three ways to save on theater tickets this winter season:

1.  Broadway Week

Taking a cue from Restaurant Week (and, frankly, #3 on this list which debuted a few years before Broadway Week), Broadway Week (which is actually 2 weeks and 2 days . . . but who’s counting) runs from January 21st through February 6th and offers you 2 for 1 tickets on a ton of shows . . . including new shows like my The Bridges of Madison County and big hits like The Lion King and that other recent Tony Winner that I’m quite fond of, Kinky Boots.  My favorite new feature about Broadway Week?  The seat upgrade option.  To learn about that , and for complete details, click here:  Broadway Week.

2.  Kids Night on Broadway

Kids Night on Broadway is a BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer for parents who bring a kid between the ages of 6-18.  Strangely, Kids “Night” runs from Feb 24th through March 2nd.  (I’m beginning to think the people that run these Broadway Promotions have to go back to calendar school.)  And don’t think that the only shows that are available to see on this promotion are the Disney shows and Matilda.  You can see everything from Once to Janis . . . and even Avenue Q.  So if you’re not a parent, grab some kid off the street and see a show for 50% off.  To get complete details, click here:  Kids Night on Broadway.

3.  20at20.

20at20 is my favorite promotion . . . maybe because I was part of the team that kicked it off 6-7 years ago, and maybe because it’s focus on Off Broadway, where my producing career started, and definitely because it’s the cheapest tickets.  For 20 days only, tickets are $20 for over 20 Off Broadway shows, available 20 minutes before curtain (See how that works?  20 = 20, not 20 = 7.4 weeks).  How can you say theater tickets are expensive when you can see a show at The Classic Stage Company for only $20?  For a complete list of shows and all the rules and regs of 20at20, click here:  20at20.

Some pretty good deals, don’t you think?

So you can complain about the cold all you want, but no more complaining about prices.  Get out there this winter and see some shows and save some bucks.

And then sign my petition.


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