Yo! What’s your problem!?!

Nope, this blog isn’t about what I said to the cab driver that almost ran me over in the snow yesterday.


This blog is about you.

I started this blog about producing theater six years ago (!)  because, well, no one else was doing it.  And I remembered what it was like when I was wanting to produce theater six years before that, and, well, couldn’t find any information online or offline to help me with my goals.  Or my problems.

So I started blogging, with the sole goal of sharing some of what I do to help you with your goals.  And your problems.

But how can I know what those goals and problems are, without asking you?

Which brings me back to this blog.

What is your problem these days?  What is holding you back?  What can I do to help?  What can I write about?  What kind of event can I organize?  What can I do to help you produce more, write more, act more . . . whatever.

Give me a comment below, or hey, send me an email and let me know what your problem is, or what you’d like to know, and I’ll do my best to deliver some content that is directed right at you.

Sound good?

Hit it.


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