Sure, These Broadway Shows Recouped! But Why? A By the Numbers Infographic.

I got such terrific feedback from our Best Musical Infographic that broke down the similarities and differences of the Best Musical Tony Award Winners of the last twenty years, that I had to do another one.

(I’m not surprised that the infographic got the pickup it did, by the way. There is nothing like data.  And there’s nothing like seeing that data in a simple, easy to digest way.  Remember this when putting together your materials for potential investors in your shows.)

When coming up with the idea for this next infographic I thought . . . what does every Broadway Producer want?  Even more than a Tony Award for Best Musical?  Recoupment!  We all want recoupment!

Recouping musicals not only pays the bills, but recoup a show, and your investors are much more likely to fund your next project.  And maybe they’ll even be up for some more risk, which allows you to maybe tap an unknown writer or a more ambitious play.  So recoupment is an obvious goal for all.

My trusty assistant Dylan and I did a deep, deep data dive into the last twenty years of new Broadway musicals, and determined which musicals recouped and which didn’t (we found press releases, news articles, and sometimes used plain common sense – and I also called some of my not-to-be-revealed sources from within a few offices in town – in order to determine that recoupment status).  Then, we crunched numbers like crazy and analyzed trends of the yeses and the nos to create the infographic below.

The results were fascinating.  This infographic proves that if recoupement is your sole goal, then you can stack the deck in your favor based on how you build your show.

Enjoy the info and make sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter.


We Recouped! But Why- (3)


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