November 17, 2012 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
DTE Studio
250 W 49th St
New York,NY 10019
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Got a script? A score? An idea? I get a lot of emails from people with a lot of the same questions about shows that they are writing, shows that they are producing, shows that they are planning, and so on. Everyone wants to know what it takes to get their show off the ground!

I can totally relate – several of my shows were originally just thoughts in my head. I had to figure out how to get these thoughts out of my head, onto paper and then onto the stage.

Since I can’t answer all of those emails as extensively as I’d like, I’ve decided to go off-line and hold a seminar to help you…


Embark on a one day intensive and personalized seminar designed to help you get beyond whatever obstacle is preventing you from getting to the next level with your project. While every seminar is different with the curriculum established by the participants themselves, here is an example of topics discussed at past seminars:

  • How to find funding and investors
  • How to market with no money
  • How to pick a performance space
  • How to find a director, composer, etc.
  • How to create a budget

Unlike most seminars, which involve a speaker like me just spouting out theories all afternoon, the Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar is an interactive seminar designed to give you the personalized attention that you need to help you move forward with your project. Here’s how it works:

Each attendee will get a minimum of 15 minutes of time to ask questions and discuss their project with me. You can ask me whatever you want, about whatever stage your project is in. Together we’ll come up with ways to get you to the next step. You’ll leave with specific action items to move you and your project forward.

All of the seminar participants get the chance to listen to this discussion, giving us all an opportunity to learn from everyone else’s issues.

The seminar becomes an exclusive think tank of the most passionate, creative producers, writers, etc. who are dedicated to their show and the process of what we do.

After it’s over, I guarantee that all attendees will be in a better place with their projects. And I mean it when I used the word “guarantee.” Not happy? I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Please note that space in each seminar is strictly limited to ensure everyone gets the personal attention they deserve. There are only 8 spots available for each seminar and they go very quickly. So book your spot in the Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar today. Your project deserves it.

See you at the seminar!

Ken Davenport

Registration for seminars opens to Producer’s Perspective subscribers first, so become a subscriber here.

Any questions? Email my assistant, Kayla, at Kayla@davenporttheatrical.com.

Need assistance with your project right away and can’t wait for the next seminar? Get a consult with Ken in person or on the phone. Email us today for more information.

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