jim hall

10 Questions for a Broadway Pro: Sewing it all together.

I often tell young folks looking for a career in showbiz anything that choosing the right path in your field is like taking the SATs.  Sometimes it’s easier to cross off the wrong answers until you find the right one. For me, one of the jobs I crossed off early was working in a costume shop.  I was horrible.  Couldn’t sew, couldn’t hem, couldn’t deal with the actors who thought they looked fat (and that was my friend Joe, by the way). I’ve always had great respect for folks who worked in wardrobe . . . and that respect grew …

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10 Questions for a Broadway Pro: The General Prepares for Battle

I’ve been looking to do a “10 Qs” post by a Broadway General Manager for a long time.  But it’s taken a looooong a$$ time, because they are all so dang busy.  Why?  Well, because a General Manager oversees just about everything on a Broadway show.  Nothing is out of their jurisdiction. I often use a political or military analogy when describing the producing hierarchy on a show.  The Producer is like the President, or the Commander in Chief.  And when he goes to war, he gets the best General (Manager) he can to ensure victory aka recoupment. I met …

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10 Questions for a Broadway Pro: Treasures from a Box Office Treasurer.

I remember when I was just starting out in the biz and thought I knew everything about sales. And then I met a box office treasurer and realized I didn’t know nuthin’. Why sure, I had studied sales funnels and The 4 Ps of Marketing, I was like an Army Colonel who knew every tactic known to the modern warrior . . . but had never been to the front lines. And that’s where the real education is. This edition of Broadway Pro features one of the very first Treasurers I ever worked with . . . Mr. Spencer Taustine. …

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Austin Nathaniel Broadway House Manager

10 Questions for a Broadway Pro: The Master of the House.

There are two types of Managers that fall under the auspices of ATPAM, The Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers. There are Company Managers, who work for the Producers and act, as I often describe, as the foot soldiers of the General Manager.  (I started my career as a member of the CM infantry). Then there are the House Managers, who work for the Theatre Owners, and make sure everything in that theater operates efficiently.  Seem like an easy gig?  These guys have to deal with the Public, with Producers and with Performers.  I’ll let you decide who is …

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Liz-Caplan-Broadway Voice Teacher

10 Questions for a Broadway Pro: The voice teacher to the stars.

If you have a Ferrari, and there were suddenly some sputtering sounds coming from the inside of that V8, would you take it to the local mechanic down the block? Heck no, you wouldn’t. You’d take it to the best mechanic in town.  It’s a Ferrari for chimney’s sake! The same is true for the voice, which is a lot more valuable than a Ferrari, when you think about it.  A great Broadway singer can earn well over the cost of a Ferrari in just a few short months. And for singers, there’s no better mechanic in town than Liz …

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