The secret of “closing” when you’re raising money.

Raising money is very similar to selling . . . anything.  That’s why I recommend you become a master salesperson if you want to become a money raising superstar and fund all your shows with ease. Recently, a consulting client of mine who I’m helping raise $2mm asked me if there was a trick or two that he could use when he was going in for the kill close to make his potential investors write the check. The answer is . . . no. There’s no magic bullet phrase or text that will hypnotize your investing lead into saying yes, just like …

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Even Oscar winners have to make it on their own.

You’d think that winning an Oscar would mean you’d get the keys to do anything you wanted to do in the entertainment business, and you’d have a plethora of offers for the best roles rolling in. But Frances McDormand wasn’t getting what she wanted. So she sat back, hung out in her Hollywood mansion, and waited for the phone to ring. Ha!  Wrong. That’s exactly the opposite of what McDormand did. Because she wasn’t getting the opportunities she wanted, she went out and made one for herself. As you can read about here, she got the rights, signed on as …

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Need to finish your musical? Here’s how.

The best advice I ever got as I was coming up as a Producer was, “Want a show to happen?  Book a theater.” There’s nothing better than an opening night to make you make it happen.  It’s the ultimate deadline. So if you’ve been drafting and redrafting your musical, I’ve got a great deadline for you . . . because it’s the same one that launched my musical producing career.  The New York Musical Theatre Festival is now accepting submissions for their Next Link program!  And their deadline is just 3.5 weeks away!  (You’ve got until November 3rd.) Whenever I talk …

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5 Tips to Better Broadway Networking.

A couple of months ago, I met with a recent college grad looking for some advice on how to start a career on Broadway.  I asked him how he was at networking.  His answer: “Well, of course I’m on Facebook and Twitter.  But I’m also very active on LinkedIn, Google+ and even have my own YouTube Channel.” (You can’t make up stuff like this!) “Not social networking, actual networking,” I answered. He looked a bit confused.  And last I heard he was still looking for a job. The internet and all of its social networking devices have made it much …

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What to do if you’re not good at business.

“I can’t do it.  I’ve got no business sense.” If I had a buck for every young and old buck that has said that to me, I could capitalize Spider-man all over again. That quote always comes up when they talk about getting into producing, or producing their own work, or when they tell me they have an idea for a new app but don’t know how to get it off the ground. “I’m just no good at business.” Somewhere along the way, the word business became synonymous with balance sheets and mortgage derivates. But I’ll tell you a secret. …

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