What does the Best Business Blogger on the web think about Broadway?

There’s nothing that sets my heart a flutter more than when someone from the traditional business world takes an interest in what we’re doing on Broadway. So imagine how excited I get when that someone is none other than the business and marketing Superman, Seth Godin. I first stumbled onto Seth’s marketing masterpiece, The Purple Cow, years ago, which helped define my marketing style and my “product development” style as well (and yep, as un-artsy as it may sound, a play or a musical is a product, especially when it’s one that you’re trying to get on Broadway).  I started religiously reading …

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Want to know the secrets of Off Broadway casting?

I don’t have them. But, I know some people that do. And those secret-holders are gonna be featured on a panel this coming Sunday, June 1st, sponsored by our good ol’ friends at the Off Broadway Alliance. Pssst .  . . calling all actors, this one is for you. For an hour and a half on Sunday starting at high noon, Casting Directors Cindi Rush (Under My Skin, Silence!, Urinetown), Michael Cassara (Forbidden Broadway, I Love Lucy Live on Stage, Fat Camp) and General Manager Scott Newsome (Handle With Care, Two Character Play, iLuminate, Triassic Parq) will be spilling their …

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Alan Jay Lerner Responded to my Blog from the Grave

One of my readers is a Medium. No, I’m not talking about his t-shirt size.  I mean, he hears the voices of Dead People.  And after last week’s blog about Adaptations (which got a ton of reads), Justin – The Medium/Reader in question – emailed me with a response to the blog from none other than the long deceased lyricist and librettist, Alan Jay Lerner (My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, Gigi). It looks like Mr. Lerner had some very strong and surprising feelings about my blog, and about adaptations versus original works.  His feelings were so strong that he spoke to Justin …

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Learn all about Crowdfunding from the experts . . . for free.

Crowdfunding continues to be one of the biggest buzzwords of the business world, and thanks to the JOBS act, it’s going to get even bigger (if the SEC ever gets around to finalizing the rules and regulations that will permit it, that is). Because I crowdfunded Godspell, I get a lot of questions about how crowdfunding will work for Broadway, Off Broadway, and the arts in general.  And I’ll admit it, I just don’t have all the answers. But I know some people who do. If you’re interested in crowdfunding, have I got the conference for you.  It’s called the Crowdfunding …

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5 Takeaways from the latest Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar!

Because of the tryouts of Somewhere in Time and Gettin’ The Band Back Together, I haven’t been able to hold a “Get Your Show Off The Ground” seminar in almost a year! And when I sat down this past Saturday with eight passionate producers, writers, actors, and directors (and sometimes all of those combined), I realized how much I missed these seminars! As with all the “Get Your Show . . . ” seminars, we heard a bit about each person’s project and then I asked them to tell me the #1 obstacle that they were facing.  Then we came up with a strategy …

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