End of Q2 Results for Broadway’s 2014-15 Season

If you’re new to the blog, then welcome to my quarterly analysis of Broadway grosses and attendance (The big-boy businesses on the Dow look at their “earnings” on a quarterly basis, so why not us, right?).  It’s pretty simple, actually.  At the end of each 13 week cycle (the first of which starts the week after the Tony Awards), I take a look at how we’re doing so far, compared to where we were last year. If you’re not new to the blog, don’t worry, this quarterly report will seem new, because you’ve never seen numbers like this before. Here …

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Broadway Grosses* w/e 11/2/2014

The following are the Broadway grosses for the week ending November 2nd, 2014.
The Broadway grosses are courtesy of The Broadway League
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