Sure you get a refund if an above-the-title star is out, but what about . . .

Although it’s not a publicized policy (and why isn’t it again?), if a star that is billed above-the-title in a Broadway show is out due to illness, vacation or a b.s. claim of mercury poisoning, a ticket holder is entitled to a full refund or exchange. But in today’s social media-infused world, a chorus boy could have more twitter followers than an above-the-title star, and could have quite the die-hard fan girl following.  What happens when one of our avid Broadway theatergoers buys a ticket to a show to see that chorus boy, or that chorus girl, or a certain actor …

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marlon 2

Fun on a Friday: Ever wonder what Marlon Brandon put in his Bio?

Sometimes I think choosing what to put in your bio for a new show can be more stressful than the opening itself!  Do you include that Off Off Broadway show?  Do you thank your parents?  Do you add a ILYKD??? A little known fact – the reason that actor bios in Playbills are so short is that every show gets a set amount of pages from Playbill for free, and once those pages are used up, the Producer gets charged.  Take a big show with a big cast, and a lot of Producers, and you’ve added an unbudgeted expense to your …

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philip seymour hoffman broadway

What do you do when you lose the best actor of our generation?

Unfortunately, in the six years of writing this blog, I’ve done more “farewell” blogs than I would like to.  I’ve lost friends.  I’ve lost associates.  I’ve lost people that I’ve never met, but who influenced my life daily. And yesterday, we all lost someone who I consider to be the greatest . . . absolutely the Jackie-Gleason like greatest . . . actor of my generation. Philip Seymour Hoffman was my generation’s Brando, Pacino, De Niro . . . you know, those guys whose last name is awe inspiring all by itself.  He was an enormous talent, making us laugh …

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James Gandolfini Broadway

Fun on a Friday: A departed friend reminds us about the strength of Show Biz.

We’ll get to the “fun” part of this Friday post in a paragraph or two, but this first bit ain’t so fun. The world tragically lost the big boss, Mr. James Gandolfini, on Wednesday.  And I think we’re all still in shock that our modern day Godfather could go so young. I worked with Mr. Gandolfini for a moment and a half, when I was on staff at the General Manager’s office of the Broadway adaptation of On The Waterfront in the early 90s.  Watching him in a itty-bitty role, I remember thinking, “That guy is good . . . …

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Marc Shamin

Shaiman smashes Smash: A love story.

Here are my Top 2 reasons why I love Marc Shaiman: He’s ferociously talented. He’s ferocious about speaking his mind. Maestro Marc has been involved with a few online public debates over the years  . . . I’ve agreed with him on some . . . and not on others . . . but one thing is for sure, I’ve learned so much from every single one. And his latest is no exception. His “What Went Wrong with Smash” essay (which you can read here) is a masterclass in songwriting.  It talks about the inspiration and impetus for so many …

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