Look at how much ink Broadway Producers and Investors got.

I get my NY Times Sunday Arts and Leisure section delivered to me on Thursday.  Yep, in case you didn’t know, the sections of the Sunday Times that aren’t “headline dependent” are printed well in advance, and as a courtesy provided to those folks out there that fill it with ads, the Times will get it to you earlier. When I got my copy last week and saw the headline, “I Want To Be A Producer (Me, Too!),” and the accompanying story, I was intrigued. When I finished the copy of the front page, I flipped to the “continued on” page, and I …

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Why you might have a harder time marketing your musical today than yesterday.

I read an interesting blog and an even more interesting book recently about how to introduce a new product to the marketplace.  Now, granted, these publications were talking about the traditional business world, so their definitions of “products” were things like new cell phones, women’s sportswear, and soft drinks. Me being me, I couldn’t help but wonder if their arguments could be extrapolated to musicals. The conclusion of the blog/book was that it takes a lot longer than you think for a product to achieve “market penetration” in today’s world . . . on average more than five years. Why does it take so …

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The difference between a Producer and a General Manager.

The Broadway administrative hierarchy can be a confusing one. To help answer a few readers’ questions, I used my favorite analogy to describe the duties of a General Manager on a Broadway show in this post just a few months ago. But, since so many Producers have General Managed and so many General Managers have become Producers (including the guy typing this blog right now), some readers have asked me if being a General Manager is a prerequisite for being a Broadway Producer. The answer is a big fat no, of course.  While I think that General Management is one the best …

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What I learned at the Meet and Greets for It’s Only A Play AND Kinky Boots.

Yesterday was one of those pinch-me-I’m-a-Producer days. It was the first day of rehearsal for two shows that I’m on, the star fest that is It’s Only A Play and the National Tour of Kinky Boots, the first offspring of the Best Musical Broadway Hit that’s still packin’ ‘em in over at the Hirschfeld. Yep, that’s right.  Two Meet & Greets in one day.  And they were in the same rehearsal studio, separated by two floors.  I went to one, then popped down to the other.  Now you understand the pinch me part. We call ‘em “Meet and Greets” in the biz, …

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Why you should read the Broadway Chat Boards.

I like to cruise by the Broadway chat boards every once in awhile.  Why? First and foremost, the folks that frequent the boards, and the folks that post on the boards are our avids.  They are so filled with passion for Broadway and for the theater in general that when they can’t see a show, they want to talk about shows, and when they can’t find anyone who can talk about them, they search for other folks just like them online.  So it’s important to see what is making these groups happy, and pee-ing them off.  (I’ve even been known …

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