Stubhub Stockings Broadway Tickets

StubHub’s stockings are filled with tickets.

I’ve never purchased tickets through StubHub.  But I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately (it was their advertising campaign that wormed its way into my brain – like a good advertising campaign should). So today I decided to click on over to the site to see just what the heck was being hocked. And would you look at that!  One of the shows they were selling (oh wait, sorry, StubHub’s attorneys would be quick to point out that StubHub doesn’t sell anything, it just connects people . . . you know, like Napster and LimeWire did before they were shut …

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How many tickets did Broadway sell on Black Friday?

So how many did we sell?  Are you ready?  Drumroll please . . . The answer is . . . I have no idea. Nor do I have any idea how many tickets we sold on Cyber Monday. I do know how the rest of the business world did (down on Black Friday, up on Thanksgiving).  Heck, I even know the results of specific retailers thanks to articles like this one. But Broadway’s sales results on one of the biggest sale dates of the year? God The Ticketing Agencies only know. Broadway publishes its grosses every week, both as an …

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Pop Up Broadway

Look what’s poppin’ up all over!

Pop . . . pop . . . pop. What’s that you hear?  Is it the sound of my old school favorite snack, Jiffy Pop Popcorn? Unfortunately not. It’s the sound of the newest fad in retail . . . the pop-up store. For those of you who don’t have a poppin’ clue what I’m talking about, a pop-up store is a shop that takes over a retail space for a short period of time, usually around a certain event, and then is gone . . . almost as fast as it came. One of the first successful examples of …

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TKTS. It ain’t just for discounts anymore.

Talk to tourists about where they get tickets to Broadway shows, and a lot of them will say, “The Tickets Booth” or “That red place in the middle of Times Square” or “Where the people line up, you can’t miss it.” Because of its location, and its brand-iful branding, the TKTS booth has become a go-to destination for ticket shopping . . . regardless of whether the shoppers were looking for a discount or not. Well, TDF, the org that runs TKTS, addressed that issue this week by starting to sell full price tickets at The Booth. (cue cheers) Yep, …

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TEDx Broadway is back. And it’s where all the cool speakers are.

Last year, fellow cage-rattlers Jim McCarthy, Damian Bazadona and I, introduced the first ever TEDx Broadway.  We got some great speakers in a room and posed the question, “What’s the best Broadway can be?” And the answers blew us away.  We heard about Sleep No More’s zero dollar marketing budget, and how our society was knocking on the door of another renaissance.  It was so fascinating that we said, “We have to do this again.” So we’re doing it.  On January 28th. This time around we’ve got another set of insightful speakers including Seth Pinsky, President of NYC’s Economic Development …

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