Do this 10 minute exercise before you raise money.

As I wrote about in Raise It, the key to a successful raise is everything you do before you start raising money. (Ever take a ballet class? A pirouette is all about the prep before you turn. Do everything else right and the turn just happens.) But sometimes you don’t have months or years to prepare for …

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Note to self: Lock budget down asap.

Before a lawyer can finalize your financial offering documents for your show, you have to provide the attorney with a budget that spells out all the expected expenses, expected recoupment schedule, etc.  It’s the final piece of the legal financing puzzle.  You can’t go out and raise funds without it. I’m a fan of locking that …

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First comes Streaming, then comes Crowdfunding, then comes Kenny cooing like a baby in a baby carriage.

What a week Broadway is having!  It’s like innovation week here on the Great White Way. Yesterday I e-talked about the two positive steps forward we’ve taken in the streaming race, and today there is some news out of Washington that will eventually trickle down and affect us all. Crowdfunding, like streaming, is another one …

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3 Reasons why Off Broadway is about to boom: Part II

Yesterday I gave you my three reasons why Off Broadway will see an increase in the number of productions in the next 5-10 years. But, as you’ll recall, I qualified that boomage with a “sort of.” So why my wavering?  Am I “Trumping” my comments?  (By the way, I’ve decided it’s time to redefine the …

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