Why in the wind is the weather so scary.

If you’re like me, and you get your daily weather report from The Weather Channel’s, then you might think the sky is falling.  Literally. Take a look at the headlines that have appeared on the homepage over the last week: Why Scientists Are Worried About Yellowstone Tropical Threat, The Next Move Most Powerful Earthquake in Decades Hammers California Entire Town Running Out of Water Gulf of Mexico:  Tropical Threat Ahead WARNING:  Threat Brewing in the Gulf Dangerous Storms Ahead Scary, right?  Not a single positive, good times, sunny day, headline in the bunch. Why? Because someone at The Weather …

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Could Broadway pull a Burger King?

I knew there was a reason I was a McDonald’s fan. Burger King made a Whopper-sized announcement this week that they are buying Tim Hortons, another processed food parts chain, and moving their headquarters to Canada . . . eh? Why this major business move? Simple.  Why else do big corporations (and sometimes small corporations, and sometimes super wealthy people) move? To get further away from the long arm of the IRS.  Yep, Burger King, one of the most successful American food franchises, which earned $75.1 (!) million last quarter, is trading in their US passport to save taxes. There’s a …

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End of Q1 Results for Broadway’s 2014-15 Season

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Hugh Jackman’s hoppin’ through the opening number of the Tony Awards, and now . . . the 1st quarter of the 2014-15 season is over. The first quarter of the season used to be a quiet one.  Theaters were dark by the handful.  Opening nights were a rarity.  And weekly meetings became monthly meetings as people scampered to the Hamptons to rest before the beginning of the new season. Not anymore, my producer perspectin’  friends.  Nowadays, the next Broadway season starts even before the official ratings of the Tony Awards come …

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Is a new Broadway theater a good idea?

Based on the number of likes I got when I Facebooked the news about the soon-to-be-built Broadway theater (2018 anyone?), you all like love the idea. But is it really a good idea? Before a new business owner opens any new business, whether that’s a theater, a restaurant or a golf course, you’ve got to survey the market.  What kind of competition is there?  How expensive is it to open?  What’s the population of the community (i.e. are there actually enough people around you to support the concept?)? Given the fact that we’ve got a line of shows looking to open …

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atomic bomb 3

How much does Broadway impact the New York City economy?

Boom. That sound you heard was the massive amount of monetary impact Broadway has on the New York City economy. The latest financial ramification report was released last week by the Broadway League, and the numbers are good.  Broadway as a biz was responsible for adding $11.9 billion dollars to the city’s kitty.  And that’s right, I said 11.9 b-b-billion dollars . . . along with 87,000 jobs and $500 million in taxes. The overall impact number is up 2% from last year and a whopping 11% from 2008 (the year of the great recession), and 97% of the money …

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