The nuts and bolts (and a few screws too) of a Broadway Budget.

Since I started blogging six years ago, I’ve received countless emails from folks around the world asking for information about Broadway budgets. “Can I see one?” “How much does scenery cost?” “What the eff is a recoupment schedule and how do you calculate it?” It was all these questions and the e-piles more that got me to hold my very first Webinar last October which I aptly named, Breakin’ Down A Broadway Budget.  And it was awesome.  I put together a PowerPoint, went through an actual Broadway budget line by line, and filled in the online and on-the-phone audience with …

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Look who’s upset over actors getting paid more.

There’s an interesting controversy brewing on the left coast, and it’s not about whether there should be a Sharknado III. No, this one is actually about theater.  Yep, they not only have theater in Hollywood, they have troubles with the theater in Hollywood, just like we do. So what’s the brouhaha all about?  (And a side note:  isn’t brouhaha one of the most fun words on the planet?  Say it with me.  Brouhaha.  Brouhaha.  Hehe.) Here’s what happened. Actors’ Equity tried to do what unions are supposed to do; work for better conditions and salaries for their members.  See, the current …

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End of Q3 Broadway Grosses and Attendance Results for the 2014-15 Season

The end of the 3rd quarter is my favorite.  First, it means that spring is around the corner.  And second, it signifies the beginning of our “kick” toward the end of the year. Will we top last year’s results?  Will we take a step back?  How will this year’s crop of spring shows affect the bottom lines? The 3rd quarter officially ended this year with week #39, so forgive me for this tardy analysis (there was a lot of newsy stuff last week that deserved timely posts – and the first rule of bloggin’ is talk about stuff that people are …

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Speaking of Britain, how’s the Business?

I always report on the end of year figures for Broadway, and even give you the quarterly reports as well (stay tuned for next week’s 3rd Quarter results, which I expect to be fascinating).  And since I picked on Great Britain yesterday, I thought I owed them a little love today . . . so why not take a look at how they’re doing? Just a couple of weeks ago, SOLT (the Society of London Theatre), the British equivalent of the Broadway League, announced their year end figures, and by George, it’s good news. The Gross Box Office tally for 2014 came …

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What I want from Santa Claus this Broadway Christmas.

My Mom is the best. I’m in my 5th decade now, and still, every year right after Thanksgiving she shoots me an email and says, “What does my boy want from Santa this Christmas?” Gone are the days I wanted the newest Nintendo game or the latest Dungeons and Dragons adventure.  Now mostly what I want for Christmas has to do with Broadway and how it can get better in the coming year decade. In the spirit of the old saying, “you can’t get what you don’t ask for,” (one of the simplest of lessons when raising money for your show, …

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