Picking at the peak.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours of the holiday afternoon engaging in a typical fall familial activity . . . I went apple picking! Or, I should say . . . I tried to go apple picking. My first problem was that I couldn’t get within a mile of the place, because it was so packed with perky pickers (say that 10 times fast).  We parked at a public school and hoofed it to the farmhouse, and then waited in line and fought the crowds of people desperate to grab an apple off a tree, or climb through the corn …

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Why is the September Slide getting worse?

There’s a myth out there that says “Broadway Business booms all summer long!” While sure, the tide of tourist dollars that arrive in the warm weather helps keep the grosses up, the whole summer ain’t a bonanza. In fact, the summer gets more and more focused every year, with the bulk of the bucks coming in mid to the end of July. After that, it’s a slow but steady sliiiiiiiiide to September.  And we all know what happens there.  Right after Labor Day, the grosses fall off a cliff (just about every business in every industry falls off a cliff …

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Why in the wind is the weather so scary.

If you’re like me, and you get your daily weather report from The Weather Channel’s, then you might think the sky is falling.  Literally. Take a look at the headlines that have appeared on the homepage over the last week: Why Scientists Are Worried About Yellowstone Tropical Threat, The Next Move Most Powerful Earthquake in Decades Hammers California Entire Town Running Out of Water Gulf of Mexico:  Tropical Threat Ahead WARNING:  Threat Brewing in the Gulf Dangerous Storms Ahead Scary, right?  Not a single positive, good times, sunny day, headline in the bunch. Why? Because someone at The Weather …

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Could Broadway pull a Burger King?

I knew there was a reason I was a McDonald’s fan. Burger King made a Whopper-sized announcement this week that they are buying Tim Hortons, another processed food parts chain, and moving their headquarters to Canada . . . eh? Why this major business move? Simple.  Why else do big corporations (and sometimes small corporations, and sometimes super wealthy people) move? To get further away from the long arm of the IRS.  Yep, Burger King, one of the most successful American food franchises, which earned $75.1 (!) million last quarter, is trading in their US passport to save taxes. There’s a …

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End of Q1 Results for Broadway’s 2014-15 Season

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Hugh Jackman’s hoppin’ through the opening number of the Tony Awards, and now . . . the 1st quarter of the 2014-15 season is over. The first quarter of the season used to be a quiet one.  Theaters were dark by the handful.  Opening nights were a rarity.  And weekly meetings became monthly meetings as people scampered to the Hamptons to rest before the beginning of the new season. Not anymore, my producer perspectin’  friends.  Nowadays, the next Broadway season starts even before the official ratings of the Tony Awards come …

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