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Speaking of Britain, how’s the Business?

I always report on the end of year figures for Broadway, and even give you the quarterly reports as well (stay tuned for next week’s 3rd Quarter results, which I expect to be fascinating).  And since I picked on Great Britain yesterday, I thought I owed them a little love today . . . so why not take a look at how they’re doing? Just a couple of weeks ago, SOLT (the Society of London Theatre), the British equivalent of the Broadway League, announced their year end figures, and by George, it’s good news. The Gross Box Office tally for 2014 came …

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What I want from Santa Claus this Broadway Christmas.

My Mom is the best. I’m in my 5th decade now, and still, every year right after Thanksgiving she shoots me an email and says, “What does my boy want from Santa this Christmas?” Gone are the days I wanted the newest Nintendo game or the latest Dungeons and Dragons adventure.  Now mostly what I want for Christmas has to do with Broadway and how it can get better in the coming year decade. In the spirit of the old saying, “you can’t get what you don’t ask for,” (one of the simplest of lessons when raising money for your show, …

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Are you getting a lot of “donate now” emails?

I don’t know about you, but my inbox and mailbox are filled with requests for cash donations from all sorts of non-profits, charities, etc.  Why do they come in such a high volume this time of year?  Three reasons: It’s the “season of giving.” It’s the end of the year for the charities, so they’re trying to get their numbers up. It’s the last chance individuals have to make donations that will count as tax deductions in the current calendar year. It’s the last one that is the most significant.  What this means is that if a person thinks they’re going to …

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A reminder that there’s (green) gold in them there hills.

I’ve been saving this article for a rainy day. And since it has been rainy, sleety and just plain sh@tty here in the city, I thought we could all use a little pick me up. And this one is $140 million dollars worth of a pick-me-up. The article I’m talking about is from Crain’s, the NY business mag that has surprisingly good coverage of our business. Last spring (I told you I was holding on to this one for awhile) they did a pretty in-depth look at the financial success of Wicked, reporting that in the 10 years since it opened, …

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The Demographics of the Broadway Audience 2013-2014

Extra, extra, read all about it!  Broadway theatergoers are rich! Ok, that’s just one of the obvious takeaways from this year’s demographic study of Broadway theatergoers and their buying habits, as performed by the Broadway League. Despite some of the “duh” aspects of this study, there are a ton of interesting tidbits that Producers like me and you can learn from as we tailor our marketing (and our shows) to the audiences that fill Broadway houses each year.  And just as I do every year when I get the study sent to me from the League, I bullet point the …

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