Fun on a Friday: The Book of Mormon visits South Park

When we were doing research for the 2014 Broadway Marketing Awards, we stumbled across the video below and thought, “Genius!  Whatever agency did this is certainly getting a nod.” And then we realized a fan made it. We don’t have a fan-crafted marketing award (but in this day and age, we probably should), so I wanted to give this creator some props.  So, on this summer Friday, enjoy the “Fan-Made” video below . . . “When The Book of Mormon Comes to South Park.” (Email subscribers, if you can’t see the video, click here to watch it.)   (Got a comment? I …

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marlon 2

Fun on a Friday: Ever wonder what Marlon Brandon put in his Bio?

Sometimes I think choosing what to put in your bio for a new show can be more stressful than the opening itself!  Do you include that Off Off Broadway show?  Do you thank your parents?  Do you add a ILYKD??? A little known fact – the reason that actor bios in Playbills are so short is that every show gets a set amount of pages from Playbill for free, and once those pages are used up, the Producer gets charged.  Take a big show with a big cast, and a lot of Producers, and you’ve added an unbudgeted expense to your …

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Broadway Stars

Fun on a Friday: The stars that should replace in Les Miz

I found ‘em. I found the stars that will replace in Les Miz.  (Cameron, you can thank me later.) I just did a Fun on a Friday blog last week, so I normally wouldn’t put one up again so quickly (I’m a “fun” curmudgeon, I guess), but I just get such a kick out of this video and the stars in it, that I had to break my personal bloggin’ rule. I’ll admit that one of the reasons I love the vid is because it reminds me of my freshman year at Johns Hopkins University, when me and my dormmates …

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Fun on a Friday: Lions on a Plane

Those nasty b-movie Snakes on a Plane would have had no chance if these Lions were on that same vessel. Check out this sweet vid of the cast of the Australian production of The Lion King singing “The Circle of Life” as they wait to taxi down the runway.  There are a few things I love about it: – It has received over 10 million (!) views already (and thank Goodness because with those grosses, The Lion King really needs the attention, don’t you think?) – Hearing those harmonies makes me want to see the show again and I haven’t seen it since 1998 (proof that …

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Broadway Cell Phone Message

Fun on a Friday: The best cell phone announcement ever.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the pre-show Cell Phone Announcement.  I love that it gets everyone to shut their phones off (sort-of).  But I hate that it slaps the audience with a “real-world” request right before we ask them to check reality at the curtain. But we have to do something, because the texting/tweeting/talking that goes on during shows has to be curbed.  And just wait until everyone is wearing Google Glass or Samsung Watches! One idea of what we could do is in the video below (click this link if you can’t see the vid).  Enjoy it, and …

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