Fun on a Friday: He left us, but hasn’t forgotten us.

When it was announced that James Corden was taking over The Late Late Show I cried a little. Why was I so verklempt? Because when I saw Jimbo in One Man, Two Guvnors I remember thinking, “Mother humper, we found the next Nathan Lane.” And then, Hollywood stole him right off of our stage. But as you all know, when you have the theater in your blood, you can’t get it out.  And thankfully, Jimmy’s got enough of the good stuff coursing through his veins, and that means he may do us even more good from his new post than if had he …

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Fun on a Friday: A Gentleman’s Guide to Subtle Marketing.

Like all of my Fun on a (Freezing) Friday blogs, this one will incite a few chuckles, for sure. But what’s great about the video you’re about to see is that it’s a piece of fantastic marketing, without feeling like marketing. When you click the link, you’ll see a Facebook video put together by A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, which features star Jefferson Mays, covering hits up for last week’s Grammys.  Fun, right?  Well, what’s even more fun is that each song is sung by a different Jefferson Mays character from Gentleman’s Guide. It’s pretty hysterical. But what’s brilliant about the vid is …

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Fun on a Friday: Techies get all musical on us.

If you thought yesterday’s blog was a little nerdified, wait until you hear about this. Every year, there’s this massive tech festival in Vegas called the Consumer Electronics Show.  This is where gadget freaks get their technical rocks off.  See, CES is where all the e-companies out there debut their latest toys from hover boards to iPacifiers and things you can’t even imagine. It’s like getting a glimpse at the future, no DeLorean required. And this show is huge . . . like bigger than Spider-Man huge.  Over 3,300 booths of gizmos span over 35 football fields of convention floor space.  That’s …

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Fun on a Friday: How to tell if you’re a musical nerd.

I’m a Musical Theater nerd.  I’ll admit it. How do I know?  Well it might be because I used to frame every single Playbill . . . and ticket stub . . . and cut out the pictures of the cast from the inside of said Playbill to put with the ticket stub like some sort of Playbillian-nerd collage. I only stopped because I started seeing so many shows per year that I didn’t have space for all those frames in my NYC starter studio apartment. It also might be that I was one of the first posters on rec.arts.theatre.musicals, the …

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Fun on a Friday: Bryan Cranston’s new one man show.

Shows about sports are usually hard sells.  When we’ve got females making the majority of the ticket purchasing decision, it’s easy to see why.  As much as I’d want to do Rudy The Musical, I won’t be after the rights anytime soon because my Mom would have no desire to see it (She’s my first focus group on all my shows). Unless, of course . . . Bryan Cranston was in it. Cranston can do anything.  And his Breaking Bad phenom status hasn’t gone anywhere.  Thankfully, his first stop after Walter went off to his final reward in one of the most watched …

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