So close I can taste the tax breaks.

If you asked Producers in town what they’d ask for if the genie from Aladdin came down and granted them three wishes, they’d probably say . . . lower stagehand costs, no discount tickets, and tax breaks for Broadway Investors. Yesterday, they’d all be pipe dreams. But today, one of them is getting closer and closer to reality. And no, the BroadwayBox isn’t closing up its e-shop, and no, the stagehands aren’t rolling back to 1970’s wages. But tax breaks, well, now we’re talking. Yesterday, Sen. Charles Schumer from NY announced a bipartisan plan to get our strong-spined Broadway Investors …

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Another step forward for online Broadway Investing.

Yesterday was a big day for the Broadway Investing underworld. I say “underworld,” because it wasn’t too long ago that in order to invest in a Broadway show, you had to know a guy who knew a guy. Broadway Investing has been a secretive subculture for decades (which is ironic considering its risk – you’d think we’d let and want anyone willing and able to jump into our fray).  But over the last several years, thanks to the gobs of information you can find on the internet, and certain high profile stories including my crowdfunded Godspell and the JOBS act,  more and …

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How to get on a Broadway Producer’s investor list.

One of the reasons I crowdfunded Godspell years ago was because I had this theory.  I believed that there were throngs of people in the world who were interested in investing in Broadway shows, but they just didn’t know how to do it. Based on the response we got to our initial offering, I’m thrilled to say that my theory proved correct.  I know, I know, when you’re out there raising money for your show, it seems like an investor is like the holy grail . . . a whispered about myth just around the next bend, and you might grow old …

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Who is the Broadway Investor? Survey results revealed!

Back in October last year, we launched the very first Broadway Investor survey, with the sole goal of trying to determine just who, who, who is the Broadway Investor (click here to read the original post). We wanted to find out where Broadway Investors were from, what they did for a living, and why, why, why they chose to invest in Broadway. Well, the results are in.  Thanks to you spreading the word out wide, we assembled quite a nice sized sample group of Broadway Investors, and I’m now ready to publish the results! Are you ready to see the …

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Results revealed: Macbeth on Broadway recouped . . .

In case you missed it, yesterday I blogged about how so many people I run into think that Broadway is a pass/fail business.  And in their defense, why would they think anything else, since we only announce when we recoup! So a show screams from the rooftops when it makes money, or goes radio silent, embarrassingly sulking off into a dark corner somewhere if it doesn’t. And that’s why I’m going to put myself and my show out there and announce the actual recoupment percentage for Macbeth on Broadway. But let’s see what you thought first! I asked all of …

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