So close I can taste the tax breaks.

If you asked Producers in town what they’d ask for if the genie from Aladdin came down and granted them three wishes, they’d probably say . . . lower stagehand costs, no discount tickets, and tax breaks for Broadway Investors. Yesterday, they’d all be pipe dreams. But today, one of them is getting closer and closer to reality. And no, the BroadwayBox isn’t closing up its e-shop, and no, the stagehands aren’t rolling back to 1970’s wages. But tax breaks, well, now we’re talking. Yesterday, Sen. Charles Schumer from NY announced a bipartisan plan to get our strong-spined Broadway Investors …

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How to get on a Broadway Producer’s investor list.

One of the reasons I crowdfunded Godspell years ago was because I had this theory.  I believed that there were throngs of people in the world who were interested in investing in Broadway shows, but they just didn’t know how to do it. Based on the response we got to our initial offering, I’m thrilled to say that my theory proved correct.  I know, I know, when you’re out there raising money for your show, it seems like an investor is like the holy grail . . . a whispered about myth just around the next bend, and you might grow old …

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Veronica Mars Broadway

Why the Veronica Mars movie backers got screwed.

If you haven’t heard, Rob Thomas, the creator of the Veronica Mars television series, launched a “Make The Movie of VM” Kickstarter campaign recently, in an effort to make the $2mm necessary to fund the film. Yep, that’s right, I said Veronica Mars . . . the popular three-season TV series produced by those two little known siblings they call Warner Bros. Rob called the Kickstarter “our one shot to see a Veronica Mars movie happen.” He raised the $2mm in 11 hours.  The current total raised is $3.7mm. And according to this article published today, Rob wants even more. Now …

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If they don’t go to opening night, then who should?

A friend of mine, and to protect the innocent, let’s call that friend . . . uh . . . me . . . was recently offered a chance to invest $50k into a Broadway musical.  A high unit price, but fairly typical for a higher priced musical. While I wasn’t sure it was for me, I happened to have an investor that I thought might want the piece.  And I have no problem putting my people into other people’s shows.  What goes around comes around, and if my investors are happy that’s all that counts. I asked some budgetary …

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Broadway Investing Las Vegas

What a Vegas casino taught me about Broadway investing.

I was on the floor of The Venetian Hotel & Casino last week, staring at the sea of tourists gambling away at the slots and the tables and realized something . . . the house always wins. And right now, all of you reading this blog, just collectively said, “Duh, Ken.  Duh.” Because you all know this.  Everyone knows this.  Gambling favors the house.  That’s how opulent casinos like The Venetian are built. The house always wins. But . . . people play anyway. The sea of people in Armani suits, cowboy hats and pencil skirts I saw last week …

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