So close I can taste the tax breaks.

If you asked Producers in town what they’d ask for if the genie from Aladdin came down and granted them three wishes, they’d probably say . . . lower stagehand costs, no discount tickets, and tax breaks for Broadway Investors. Yesterday, they’d all be pipe dreams. But today, one of them is getting closer and …

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Veronica Mars Broadway

Why the Veronica Mars movie backers got screwed.

If you haven’t heard, Rob Thomas, the creator of the Veronica Mars television series, launched a “Make The Movie of VM” Kickstarter campaign recently, in an effort to make the $2mm necessary to fund the film. Yep, that’s right, I said Veronica Mars . . . the popular three-season TV series produced by those two …

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Broadway Investing Las Vegas

What a Vegas casino taught me about Broadway investing.

I was on the floor of The Venetian Hotel & Casino last week, staring at the sea of tourists gambling away at the slots and the tables and realized something . . . the house always wins. And right now, all of you reading this blog, just collectively said, “Duh, Ken.  Duh.” Because you all …

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