My favorite moment of the Mad Men series finale.

Spoiler alert! I was a big fan of Mad Men for the first several seasons.  The series started with my favorite foundation for a story line for any drama (remember this, kiddos): show the viewers a world they’ve never seen before.  The average TV viewer doesn’t know what it’s like on the inside of a high-powered ad agency …

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On Broadway, your competitor can also be your partner.

Out of nowhere, Andrew Lloyd Webber announced a super high profile project last month to open this fall at the Winter Garden Theatre, the same theater where he and his feline friends squatted for so many years. The show?  School of Rock.  Yep, that School of Rock . . . the Jack Black movie about a dude who …

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What running a red light taught me about Producing.

I used to deliver pizza for Domino’s Pizza. That was my high school survival job (aka how I afforded to take my high school sweetheart to Riverside Park and Billy Joel concerts). It was a pretty cool job back then, actually.  You were making cash money, and spent most of the job cruising the streets …

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