I want to retire . . .

. . . a phrase. Just like Blue Man Group held a funeral for the 80s I think it’s time we pack up a certain phrase, put it in a box and never utter it again. That phrase? “Outside the box.” Admit it . . . it’s kind of cliche now, isn’t it? I first heard it over a decade ago to describe unconventional thinking.  And now, because I’ve heard it so often, it is starting to sound conventional.  It’s true – saying “outside the box,” has actually become inside the box! So it’s time to euthanize that hackneyed phrase and bury …

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Why there is a fine line between hatred and respect.

Here’s something I’ve heard a lot of in Producers’ and GMs’ offices through my career.  “Ugh!  I hate that INSERT NAME OF AGENT/LAWYER/MANAGER.” Usually, what that translates to is, “Ugh!  I’m not getting what I want from that INSERT NAME OF AGENT/LAWYER/MANAGER.” And for the record, when I worked for an agent, I also heard the converse statement of “Ugh!  I hate that INSERT NAME OF PRODUCER/GENERAL MANAGER!” Same translation, of course. When you’re in any negotiation, it’s important to remember that the person on the other end of the talks is doing their job, which is to get the most for …

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5 Takeaways from the latest Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar.

Two weeks ago, on one of the last beautiful days of the summer, eight passionate peeps sacrificed the sun to get together with me and work on something that would keep them smiling through the dark days of winter:  their project! That’s right, it was my Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar! And it was a great one.  We had discussions about networking, about how to fill the seats of your showcase with Producers, and we even had a comic book superhero make an appearance. As usual, my trusty associate, Kayla, jotted down some of my Kenisms throughout the seminar …

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The asset and liability of doing theater.

What I love about theater is that it is always evolving.  You create this work of art, and then it changes and changes . . . through rehearsals, through previews . . . and even years after opening.  Because it happens live, you can tinker and twist to change with the times (and as your actors will allow). That makes theater one of the most unique art forms on the planet. You paint a picture, and hang it in a museum and it’s done. You write a book, publish it, and that’s it. And film?  Once that sucker is cut …

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You can try too hard.

In case you haven’t heard, about two years ago I turned into one of those annoying golfers. You know the ones . . . they watch it on TV, they read golf magazines, and they wear golf attire even when they’re not golfing, etc. And sometimes they even work golf metaphors into their blogs about producing theater! Like anything I do, when I pick something up, I pick it up . . . big time. See golf is a tricky, difficult sport, and the Type A, OCD, Virgo in me just can’t suck at anything. (And I’ve got a feeling …

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