What does solving a maze have to do with your show?

One of the most fun stocking stuffers I got this year was one of those Money Mazes. Don’t know what I’m talking about? The Money Maze is a 3D cube with a marble inside.  Get that marble down the right path and it opens a secret door, and out pops . . . money!  (Click here see a sample.) It’s super fun, and let me tell you, if you’re staring at a $100 bill or a Discover gift card trapped inside that cube of plastic then you are pretty incentivized to solve that puzzle. It ain’t easy, mind you.  But …

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On Broadway, your competitor can also be your partner.

Out of nowhere, Andrew Lloyd Webber announced a super high profile project last month to open this fall at the Winter Garden Theatre, the same theater where he and his feline friends squatted for so many years. The show?  School of Rock.  Yep, that School of Rock . . . the Jack Black movie about a dude who turns kiddies into rock stars is gonna be a musical. It’s a good idea, although honestly, I’m a bit disappointed that Lord Webber’s next project is a musical that will be half jukebox and half original.  I’m a Webber-lover, not a Webber-hater, and when the …

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What running a red light taught me about Producing.

I used to deliver pizza for Domino’s Pizza. That was my high school survival job (aka how I afforded to take my high school sweetheart to Riverside Park and Billy Joel concerts). It was a pretty cool job back then, actually.  You were making cash money, and spent most of the job cruising the streets in your car, listening to your favorite tunes (of course I was blasting the complete symphonic recording of Les Miz while my co-workers were listening to MC Hammer). One day, I was cruising down Pleasant Street in Southbridge, MA with two pepperoni pan pizzas in …

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What the NYC Marathon Runners taught me.

In case you didn’t see the swarms of people with aluminum foil wrapped around them yesterday, the NYC Marathon was held this weekend. The marathon is one of those weird periodical New York tourist events where thousands upon thousands of people descend upon New York City . . . and none of them go to see a Broadway show. Shows are always trying to come up with new ways to get the marathon participants to run up to the box office, but it never seems to work.  Take the marathon, add in Halloween and sprinkle in a little Daylight Savings …

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I want to retire . . .

. . . a phrase. Just like Blue Man Group held a funeral for the 80s I think it’s time we pack up a certain phrase, put it in a box and never utter it again. That phrase? “Outside the box.” Admit it . . . it’s kind of cliche now, isn’t it? I first heard it over a decade ago to describe unconventional thinking.  And now, because I’ve heard it so often, it is starting to sound conventional.  It’s true – saying “outside the box,” has actually become inside the box! So it’s time to euthanize that hackneyed phrase and bury …

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