Why running out of salt can teach you about budgeting.

I’m a salt-a-holic. I’m not as bad as my little bro, who salts his bacon hamburgers, but I’m still pretty bad.  I’ll add extra salt to things like, oh McDonald’s fries (which come pretty doused as is), pizza crust, and if you find yourself between me and a bag of those salted-in-the-shell peanuts, well look …

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My two least favorite words in the English language.

Did you guess ’em? I’ll give you a hint.  My two least favorite words are not, “Didn’t Recoup.” (Which is technically three words anyway.) And surprisingly, they are not Jeremy Piven. (Still bitter and proud of it, after all these years.) My two least favorite words in the English language are . . . Unrealized Potential. …

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What I learned about Producing from a Food Court.

For anyone that is familiar with my trashy dietary intake, you probably know that I heart me a food court.  And I frequent them often.  In fact, if you’re ever in a mall and can’t find your way to the Orange Julius or the Panda Express, shoot me a text.  Using my powers of ESP …

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Who does your lawyer or agent work for?

When I was an actor in the early 1800s (ok, not that long ago, maybe the 1850s), every one of my friends (and myself included) desperately wanted an agent.  We sent out 100s of headshots, went to pay-to-meet classes, and so on.  Landing an agent was like getting the Head Cheerleader to go to the Prom …

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