Want your show in Vegas? Follow these three rules.

I was an absolute cliche last week, and celebrated my bachelor party in Sin City itself, Las Vegas, Nevada. And before you ask, this was not a Hangover-like experience at all.  Some golf, some steak, and some great friends and that’s about it (I did think about how cool it would be to write a blog titled, “What Broadway can learn from a strip club,” but this wasn’t that type of party.  What’s funny is that, I think the modern day bachelorette party is a heck of a lot wilder than the male version). Las Vegas is filled with all kinds of …

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The one thing we can all learn from movie studios.

I see maybe three movies a year in the theater.  I’m one of the reasons that movie theater attendance is declining (and faster than Broadway attendance, so there’s one thing we can feel good about). Yesterday I saw movie #2 of this year, and as I nestled into my comfy chair with my popcorn topped with 100% real butter-like topping, I heard a pre-teen girl a few rows back ask her dad . . . “Will there be previews, Daddy?” “You bet, sweetheart.  There are always previews.” He was right of course.  There are always previews. Because the movie studios always put …

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The secrets of how I raise money for my shows. Just for you.

By far, and I’m talking by super far, 100 to 1 type stuff, the question I get asked the most from readers is “How do I raise money for my show?” Sometimes the askers are looking to raise a few thousand dollars in a Kickstarter campaign.  Others are looking to raise a few million bucks for a Broadway show.  I’ve had a few folks even ask me how they should raise money for their restaurant. To help those folks, I started teaching a “How To Raise Money” Seminar, which we’ve sold out every time, and have had some phenomenal results …

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What Broadway customer service and a teapot have in common.

Back in the frigid cold of January (remember that single degree nonsense?), we announced the opening of The Davenport Theatre, named after my dear old grandpa, Delbert Essex Davenport (we just hung up a bunch of Del’s artifacts in the lobby of the theater – so pop by sometime and check it out). It’s been just a touch over five months, and I’m loving having the space, and talking to producers interested in getting their shows on (we have Forbidden Broadway running now and Pageant starting in a few weeks around FB’s schedule). I’m also loving talking to theater patrons directly . . . something …

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My Top 5 Favorite Moments of the 2014 Tony Awards

Well, that’s it.  Put a fork in the 2013-14 season, because she is done.  Now that the 2014 Tony Awards have been dished out, it’s time for everyone in the industry to dish out their thoughts on the telecast, the snubs, the speeches and more. As is customary on this Broadway blog, I’m going to list just five of my top Tony Award telecast moments.  And you know what’s fun?  Ever since I started doing this blog, it’s been getting harder and harder to narrow it down to just a handful.  The telecasts have come a long way, baby, and …

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