The asset and liability of doing theater.

What I love about theater is that it is always evolving.  You create this work of art, and then it changes and changes . . . through rehearsals, through previews . . . and even years after opening.  Because it happens live, you can tinker and twist to change with the times (and as your …

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You can try too hard.

In case you haven’t heard, about two years ago I turned into one of those annoying golfers. You know the ones . . . they watch it on TV, they read golf magazines, and they wear golf attire even when they’re not golfing, etc. And sometimes they even work golf metaphors into their blogs about …

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Someone got mad at me today.

Like really mad.  I wasn’t mean to them or anything.  I didn’t insult them or even punch them in the face.  They just didn’t like the way I did something, that actually had nothing to do with them, ironically.  But they didn’t like it anyway.  Their style and my style were just downright different. And …

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Why running out of salt can teach you about budgeting.

I’m a salt-a-holic. I’m not as bad as my little bro, who salts his bacon hamburgers, but I’m still pretty bad.  I’ll add extra salt to things like, oh McDonald’s fries (which come pretty doused as is), pizza crust, and if you find yourself between me and a bag of those salted-in-the-shell peanuts, well look …

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My two least favorite words in the English language.

Did you guess ’em? I’ll give you a hint.  My two least favorite words are not, “Didn’t Recoup.” (Which is technically three words anyway.) And surprisingly, they are not Jeremy Piven. (Still bitter and proud of it, after all these years.) My two least favorite words in the English language are . . . Unrealized Potential. …

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