A Salad by any other name would still be Just Salad.

I’m trying to eat healthy.  I swear.  I’m only having ‘wings’ 3 times a week now instead of 5.  Progress! One of my new favorite healthy lunch spots is Just Salad, where they serve . . . ahem . . . just salad. Chopped salad, Caesar salad, Make Your Own Salad . . . as the name suggests, there’s a lot of Just Salad. And there is usually just a line out the door. I can’t help but love a place whose name so specifically tells you what it is.  There is this confidence in, “If you want salad, come …

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5 Takeaways from the latest Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar.

Two weeks ago, on one of the last beautiful days of the summer, eight passionate peeps sacrificed the sun to get together with me and work on something that would keep them smiling through the dark days of winter:  their project! That’s right, it was my Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar! And it was a great one.  We had discussions about networking, about how to fill the seats of your showcase with Producers, and we even had a comic book superhero make an appearance. As usual, my trusty associate, Kayla, jotted down some of my Kenisms throughout the seminar …

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The simple secret to selling on social media.

I bought a ticket to a show the other day, solely based on a tweet . . . first hand proof that social media can sell. But how?  How can you sell your show on social media? First, it’s important to realize that it’s called “social” media.  It’s not called “sales” media.  It’s social by nature and design.  You have “friends” on Facebook.  You don’t have leads or customers.  You have friends. Now, imagine this . . . You meet someone new on the street.  Someone who you think could be a new friend.  And within thirty seconds of meeting you, …

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confused tourist

The Top 3 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without as a Tourist.

I’m in midair as I type this blog, flying back from my honeymoon in Hawaii, where I lived like a tourist for the last 10 days. Going on vacation is always great for relaxing and re-energizing the spirit, but I also find vacations to be super educational for producing Broadway shows. See, Broadway audiences are about 65% tourists. That’s right, 65% of the people filling those seats aren’t from the tri-state area. They take planes, trains and automobiles from hundreds if not thousands of miles away to come to NYC and while they are here, they take in a show …

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A peek into an entertainment goer’s brain, thanks to Google.

You know what makes Google so powerful? No, it’s not the billions of dollars.  It’s the billions of bits of data. Knowledge is power.  And the more you know, the more you can earn (sounds like an entrepreneur’s public service announcement, doesn’t it?). Thankfully, Google paid attention to PSAs when they were a kid and they also learned to share.  Check out this infographic about the mind of the live entertainment consumer that The Goog created using all the search data it has at its e-fingerprints. First the good news . . . interest in live entertainment is up (I’ve always hypothesized that as …

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