Podcast Episode #5 – Marketing Magic with The Wizard of Spotco, Drew Hodges.

Sure you can study marketing in school.  You can even read books about it like I do. But there’s really only one way to master Broadway marketing, and that’s to do it.  And a lot of it. There aren’t too many people in the world that have worked on the advertising and marketing for more Broadway shows than Drew Hodges and his industry leader of a company, SpotCo.  Just look at their credits! All those shows make Drew a master with a capital M.  And we snagged him for episode 5.  Whoo!  Whoo! If you asked me what the one skill …

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5 Ways to sell tickets on a Snow Day.

You’ve worked so hard advertising your show, and then wham-bam-thank-you-sir-may-I-have-another, in comes Mother Nature to remind you who’s the boss. As you probably know, Broadway is under a sloth of snow, and since the majority of our audiences don’t live within a block of our theaters, a lot of shows will have seats to sell.  This blizzard is going to take a huge bite out of business this week, both in the lack of “walk-up” and in the number of exchanges that will be requested from all those folks in New Jersey, Long Island and the environs that won’t be …

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I’d like to take credit for this . . .

. . . but it wasn’t all me. Almost a year ago, I posted a ranty blog about those annoying alarms on subway emergency doors that never alerted anyone of an emergency.  “Enforce ‘em or turn ‘em off,” I said. Well guess the heck what.  They turned ‘em off. Was my blog what did it? No, no, no. Were the hundreds or thousands of blogs, comments, phone calls, and complaints what did it? You bet your bottom dollar, Annie Warbucks. I applaud the MTA for listening to the feedback of the many who chimed in and realizing that if 100 are …

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I don’t care who the best marketer is on Broadway.

You know what I really care about? Who the best marketer is in the world. Yes, we have a very unique product on Broadway.  But at the end of the day, great marketers are great marketers, no matter what they sell. And sure we’re a billion dollar industry . . . but what about all those billion dollar companies out there?  What about the people that spend more on media in a month than we could spend in a year? That’s why I try to look outside our industry for marketing ideas, trends, and lessons that I can apply to …

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Why Theater Tickets make horrible gifts and what we can do about it.

Happy Black Friday, y’all! On this day, all around the country world, people start their holiday shopping in earnest.  Toys and clothes and hickory farm meat and cheese boxes will start flying off shelves. But what about theater tickets? Unfortunately, we don’t see theater tickets sell like the latest video game or the latest punch-me-in-the-face Elmo, or whatever is hot this year.  Because the truth is, they make crappy gifts.  Here’s why. 1.  Theater tickets are date specific. No one wants to buy a gift for someone that has to be used on a certain day and time.  There’s a …

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