A peek into an entertainment goer’s brain, thanks to Google.

You know what makes Google so powerful? No, it’s not the billions of dollars.  It’s the billions of bits of data. Knowledge is power.  And the more you know, the more you can earn (sounds like an entrepreneur’s public service announcement, doesn’t it?). Thankfully, Google paid attention to PSAs when they were a kid and they also learned to share.  Check out this infographic about the mind of the live entertainment consumer that The Goog created using all the search data it has at its e-fingerprints. First the good news . . . interest in live entertainment is up (I’ve always hypothesized that as …

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Why in the wind is the weather so scary.

If you’re like me, and you get your daily weather report from The Weather Channel’s, then you might think the sky is falling.  Literally. Take a look at the headlines that have appeared on the homepage over the last week: Why Scientists Are Worried About Yellowstone Tropical Threat, The Next Move Most Powerful Earthquake in Decades Hammers California Entire Town Running Out of Water Gulf of Mexico:  Tropical Threat Ahead WARNING:  Threat Brewing in the Gulf Dangerous Storms Ahead Scary, right?  Not a single positive, good times, sunny day, headline in the bunch. Why? Because someone at The Weather …

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How about YOU pick the logo for my next Broadway show!

I’ve attended a lot of ad meetings in my couple of decades workin’ on The Great White Way, and they can be quite a party, let me tell you. One show I worked on had about seventeen different types of Producers, from investment bankers to movie moguls to a dude who invented a household item you use everyday and probably say, “I wish I thought of that,” every time.  Add to that, a fleet of marketing teams and management teams who ranged from 19 years of age to one octogenarian. With that kind of diversity, and the sheer number of people …

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If it’s good enough for Sharknado II . . .

My favorite NY slice place had a shark-infused spotlight thrown on it recently when it made an appearance in the highly anticipated sequel, Sharknado II. How do I know? Well it’s not because I watched Sharknado II, that’s for sure. It’s because the owners of said slice place, officially known as Famous Amadeus Pizza on 50th and 8th, put up a poster letting every passerby know.  See here: (In case you can’t read the copy, it says, “Famous Film!  Famous Location!  Famous Pizza!”) Regardless of what you think about the movie, this $1.50 slice joint is now much different than all the other …

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Why you might have a harder time marketing your musical today than yesterday.

I read an interesting blog and an even more interesting book recently about how to introduce a new product to the marketplace.  Now, granted, these publications were talking about the traditional business world, so their definitions of “products” were things like new cell phones, women’s sportswear, and soft drinks. Me being me, I couldn’t help but wonder if their arguments could be extrapolated to musicals. The conclusion of the blog/book was that it takes a lot longer than you think for a product to achieve “market penetration” in today’s world . . . on average more than five years. Why does it take so …

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