I don’t care who the best marketer is on Broadway.

You know what I really care about? Who the best marketer is in the world. Yes, we have a very unique product on Broadway.  But at the end of the day, great marketers are great marketers, no matter what they sell. And sure we’re a billion dollar industry . . . but what about all those billion dollar companies out there?  What about the people that spend more on media in a month than we could spend in a year? That’s why I try to look outside our industry for marketing ideas, trends, and lessons that I can apply to …

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Why Theater Tickets make horrible gifts and what we can do about it.

Happy Black Friday, y’all! On this day, all around the country world, people start their holiday shopping in earnest.  Toys and clothes and hickory farm meat and cheese boxes will start flying off shelves. But what about theater tickets? Unfortunately, we don’t see theater tickets sell like the latest video game or the latest punch-me-in-the-face Elmo, or whatever is hot this year.  Because the truth is, they make crappy gifts.  Here’s why. 1.  Theater tickets are date specific. No one wants to buy a gift for someone that has to be used on a certain day and time.  There’s a …

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Broadway Focus Group

10 Things I Learned from Broadway Theatergoers at My Focus Groups

Over the past month, I’ve conducted two sets of focus groups for Gettin’ The Band Back Together, my upcoming Broadway Musical (there was about a 50/50 shot I was going to announce our spring opening last week, FYI . . . but another show slipped into a theater I was targeting, so we wait for the next!). Because of the unique nature of the show, and, well, because it is set in New Jersey, I did two groups in New York (to get the New York audience’s take) and two groups in New Jersey (to get their take, and compare the difference).  What …

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A Salad by any other name would still be Just Salad.

I’m trying to eat healthy.  I swear.  I’m only having ‘wings’ 3 times a week now instead of 5.  Progress! One of my new favorite healthy lunch spots is Just Salad, where they serve . . . ahem . . . just salad. Chopped salad, Caesar salad, Make Your Own Salad . . . as the name suggests, there’s a lot of Just Salad. And there is usually just a line out the door. I can’t help but love a place whose name so specifically tells you what it is.  There is this confidence in, “If you want salad, come …

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5 Takeaways from the latest Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar.

Two weeks ago, on one of the last beautiful days of the summer, eight passionate peeps sacrificed the sun to get together with me and work on something that would keep them smiling through the dark days of winter:  their project! That’s right, it was my Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar! And it was a great one.  We had discussions about networking, about how to fill the seats of your showcase with Producers, and we even had a comic book superhero make an appearance. As usual, my trusty associate, Kayla, jotted down some of my Kenisms throughout the seminar …

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