CASE STUDY: Why I talk to my audience.

If you came to see Spring Awakening or Daddy Long Legs over the last few weeks, then you might have seen me hanging around the restrooms (as creepy as that sounds) or more likely, mixing in with the audience as they left the theater.  To be a Producer means you have to be an expert eavesdropper, listening in …

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How to put Butts in Seats . . . a panel.

People often ask me what a Producer’s number one responsibility is, to which I respond . . . “My job is to get a show to run as long as possible.” Why is that my goal? Well, the longer I can get a show to run . . . the more people who will hear the …

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Why your website should resemble a church sign.

Every day on my commute to high school, I drove on a highway that passed by a church that had a sign out on their front lawn.  And every day there was a was different message.  A psalm one day.  A reminder about the pancake breakfast.  A missive telling you not to drink and drive around …

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