Why you might have a harder time marketing your musical today than yesterday.

I read an interesting blog and an even more interesting book recently about how to introduce a new product to the marketplace.  Now, granted, these publications were talking about the traditional business world, so their definitions of “products” were things like new cell phones, women’s sportswear, and soft drinks. Me being me, I couldn’t help but wonder if their arguments could be extrapolated to musicals. The conclusion of the blog/book was that it takes a lot longer than you think for a product to achieve “market penetration” in today’s world . . . on average more than five years. Why does it take so …

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Because a bunch of you missed the Producing 101 teleseminar.

One of my bloggin’ missions this year was to give you what you want. So back in the frigid month of January (remember that nonsense?) I wrote a blog asking you specifically “what your problem was.”  I wanted you to tell me what you wanted in posts, seminars, and more.  And I’d adjust my New Year’s resolutions to try and deliver. I got a bunch of comments, and even more emails telling me very specifically what  you were looking to learn about in 2014.  I created a punch list of all those things that you asked for and have slowly been working …

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Want to know the #1 Secret SEO strategy for Broadway shows?

I’ve got it. It’s the secret sauce for SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the 21st century for Broadway shows, Off Broadway shows, and any small business trying to attract an audience. Countless companies spend more than countless hours and beaucoup de bucks trying to find out the latest black hat or white hat strategy to get their website to the top of the Google rankings for a specific search term. And it made sense to make that kind of investment.  Just imagine how much money you could make if your show’s site came up first when someone searched for Broadway Show …

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Why shows buy billboards in Times Square.

Who doesn’t love an infographic? You know what an infographic is, right?  They’re those cool cartoony-lookin’ squares of statistics on a certain subject that give you gobs of info in a glance. The smarty-marketing folks over at Adweek put together an awesome IG last week that is applicable to everyone who advertises on billboards in Times Square, whether you’re Coca-Cola or Chicago. The graphic details all sorts of interesting information about why billboards are still such an important tool in the fight for a consumer’s dollar like: 60% of the visitors to Times Square spend more than 5 minutes looking at …

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And the winners of the 2014 Broadway Marketing Awards are . . .

Who says no one gives a @#&% about marketers? For the 2nd year in a row, we received a good ol’ fashioned poop ton of entries in our online Broadway Marketing Awards, where we give props to the people behind the props! It was only just a few years ago that Broadway advertising and marketing firms started getting billing on the title pages of programs, believe it or not.  But the response we’ve gotten from these awards has demonstrated that you want these folks to get the spotlight, and you want them to take a bow. And now that your …

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