What worries Taylor Swift doesn’t worry me.

In case you haven’t noticed, this Taylor Swift girl is going somewhere.  She’s got a future, that one.  You heard it here on TheProducersPerspective.com first.  Mark my blog. Taylor has always been a star, but her wattage amplified to the nth power last week when her new album “1989” sold over 1 million albums in 7 days.  That’s a lot of downloads, yo. She also made news when she yanked her music from the super-streamin’ Spotify music service, which allows users to stream any song they want for free.  Don’t misunderstand . . . the artists do get a few …

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You’re gonna make fun of me for this one.

I love me some Florida Georgia Line. See, about six months ago I came down with a serious case of country-music-itis – which means I’ve become very familiar with phrases like “dixie cups,” “tan lines,” and Story Warren on Sirius Radio’s The Highway. And I’ve fallen in sweet southern love with the guilty pleasure music of the duo known as Florida Georgia Line, who, admittedly, is like the Nickelback of country music. So the other day, I’m on my 17th listen of their new song, “Dirt.”  (Yep, you got that right, it’s called “Dirt.”) If you ask my trusty sidekick and uber-capable …

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Are you Broadway’s Next Big Star?

For the past couple of years, we’ve sponsored 10 Minute Play Contests to encourage all you playwrights out there to keep writing (this year’s announcement is coming soon), and this past winter we sponsored a Songwriting Contest to get all you songwriters out there writing . . . and we had so much fun doing ‘em, we thought we’d do another one. But this time we’d target the one group in our business that we’ve forgotten so far. The Actors! If Writers are the Chefs of Musical Theater, the Actors are the ingredients.  Without ‘em, we’ve got nothing but a bunch of …

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finalists 2014

And the Finalists for our 2014 Songwriting Contest are . . .

Hear ye!  Hear ye! It’s time to announce the 10 finalists for our first ever Davenport Songwriting Contest! We’ve already had such a blast getting to this stage of the competition.  Because, let’s face it, everyone in my office loves a show tune.  So we’ve been in heaven since the hundreds of submissions started coming in.  It was tough to narrow it down to just 10 . . . which made me so optimistic for the future of the theater.  Cuz let me tell you . . . there are some good songwriters out there.  And they are coming up …

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Gettin The Band Back Together Broadway

Gettin’ The Band Back Together Cast Recording Available on iTunes!

Remember that time I debuted my new musical Gettin’ The Band Back Together at George Street Playhouse this past fall? Well, a month ago, I got the cast back together and we recorded a cast album!  And now, you can get it on iTunes!  Download it here:  Gettin’ The Band Back Together Cast Album. So now that the obvious promotional part of this blog is over, let’s get to the more interesting stuff:  why did I spend $40k (yep, that was the price tag) to record an album after the regional theater production . . . when there will certainly be a …

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