The Finalists for our 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest are . . .

Here ye!  Here ye! Behold, the 10 Finalists for our 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest! Each one of the 10 Minute plays below will win $50, just for making it this far.  And, on Thursday, July 31st, all of them will be on display at our 10 Minute Play Festival. We’ve got some super-importanté industry folks to judge the event including a literary manager at a high profile non-profit, a literary agent and mucho more. And don’t forget, the audience (that’s you when you get your tickets), will be a judge as well.  Yep, we’re doing this American Idol …

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Hard Times for a Hardbody.

A scandal and an outrage has been brewin’ out of town over the last few days ’bout a show from last season that didn’t last too long on the boards. I’m talkin’ about Hands on a Hardbody, which, since it shuttered shortly after opening back in the spring of 2013, has been making its way around the regionals (proof that even shows that don’t make it here can still make it there – which generates revenue for the Authors and spits back money to the mother company as well, which goes straight back to the investors – win, win, win). One of those …

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miss saigon 2

Only Cameron can recoup a show the day after it opens.

The London revival of Miss Saigon opened this past Wednesday night. 24 hours later, Producer Cameron Mackintosh announced that it had already recouped. I mean, wowza. I’ve been a part of shows that have given a distribution on opening night . . . maybe 10% or a bit more (usually a result of strong preview sales, coming in under budget and a positive outlook for the next several weeks – which allows you to return the reserve) . . . but recouping a show the day after opening. Sweet Mary and Joseph, that’s some news. Now, I have to assume that …

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runner 2

Will Phantom ever be Revived?

The original 1957 Broadway production of West Side Story was a big hit.  It ran 732 performances. Music Man, which bested it for the Tony Award, ran 1,375 performances. The original My Fair Lady ran what seems like a whopping 2,717 performances. Let’s flash forward four or five decades and take a look at our biggest hits: Mamma Mia is already up to over 5,000 performances.  The Lion King has run around the circle of life over 6,800 times.  And The Phantom of the Opera is up to over 10,000.  And shows like Wicked,  Jersey Boys, etc. are all expected to hit well over 5K performances in their lifetime …

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medium 2

Alan Jay Lerner Responded to my Blog from the Grave

One of my readers is a Medium. No, I’m not talking about his t-shirt size.  I mean, he hears the voices of Dead People.  And after last week’s blog about Adaptations (which got a ton of reads), Justin – The Medium/Reader in question – emailed me with a response to the blog from none other than the long deceased lyricist and librettist, Alan Jay Lerner (My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, Gigi). It looks like Mr. Lerner had some very strong and surprising feelings about my blog, and about adaptations versus original works.  His feelings were so strong that he spoke to Justin …

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