Broadway Focus Group

10 Things I Learned from Broadway Theatergoers at My Focus Groups

Over the past month, I’ve conducted two sets of focus groups for Gettin’ The Band Back Together, my upcoming Broadway Musical (there was about a 50/50 shot I was going to announce our spring opening last week, FYI . . . but another show slipped into a theater I was targeting, so we wait for the next!). Because of the unique nature of the show, and, well, because it is set in New Jersey, I did two groups in New York (to get the New York audience’s take) and two groups in New Jersey (to get their take, and compare the difference).  What …

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CASE STUDY: A Gentleman’s Guide to Being Box Office Beautiful.

There were three Cinderellas on Broadway last season. But I’m only interested in the two that didn’t feature R&H tunes and puppet mice. A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and Beautiful: The Carole King Musical were the real Cinderella stories of the last year in my book.  Both began previews with “wait-and-see” futures, and now, well, you might as well put a sign on their theater doors that say, “No Vacancy.  Come back in a year or two.” I normally don’t write these kind of blogs about the business of currently running shows.  But frankly, every Monday when I open my …

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The Last 20 Years of Best Musical Winners: A By The Numbers Infographic

Admit it. If you’re a Writer or Producer of musicals, I’d bet that you’ve stood in front of a mirror, imagining yourself collecting your Best Musical Tony Award.  You’ve probably even created your list of who to thank, who not to thank, and who to publicly tell to “Shove this Tony up your a$$!”  (I’d advise against that last part if you make it to the podium.  Save it for your shrink.) And why wouldn’t you want a Tony Award for Best Musical?  It’s the Grand Poobah of awards in our business. But how do you get one?  Sure, you need to …

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The Finalists for our 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest are . . .

Here ye!  Here ye! Behold, the 10 Finalists for our 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest! Each one of the 10 Minute plays below will win $50, just for making it this far.  And, on Thursday, July 31st, all of them will be on display at our 10 Minute Play Festival. We’ve got some super-importanté industry folks to judge the event including a literary manager at a high profile non-profit, a literary agent and mucho more. And don’t forget, the audience (that’s you when you get your tickets), will be a judge as well.  Yep, we’re doing this American Idol …

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Hard Times for a Hardbody.

A scandal and an outrage has been brewin’ out of town over the last few days ’bout a show from last season that didn’t last too long on the boards. I’m talkin’ about Hands on a Hardbody, which, since it shuttered shortly after opening back in the spring of 2013, has been making its way around the regionals (proof that even shows that don’t make it here can still make it there – which generates revenue for the Authors and spits back money to the mother company as well, which goes straight back to the investors – win, win, win). One of those …

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