It’s Hamil-time! My reaction to the 2016 Tony Nominations.

It’s #Hamiltime! Hamilton just made history (ironic, wouldn’t you say?) when it garnered 16 Tony Nominations this morning, besting The Producers and Billy Elliot. As usual, it was a morning of “Yep, as expected” and “Oh no they didn’t!”  So let’s start my recap with how I did in my predictions from yesterday. 1.  Best Musical I predicted …

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My Predictions for the 2015-16 Tony Nominations.

As you’re reading this, the Tony Award nominators are holed up somewhere deciding theatrical history. I know, I know, that sounds dramatic (pun intended) but it’s not.  There have only been 69 Tony Award ceremonies before this year’s.  And yeah, Audra McDonald has won almost 10% of the time. So the nominations, which are announced in …

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The Cast of Hamilton gets a few more Hamiltons.

I guess it pays to be in the room where it happens. Late last week, it was announced that the duel between a group of the original Actors in Hamilton who helped develop it in early readings, workshops, labs, etc. and the Producers of the mega hit who are said to be earning $500k a week had resulted …

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