Why I’m mad at Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The truth is . . . I love me some Lloyd Webber. Whether we’re talking old school JCS or Joseph, the classic Phantom (the first Broadway show I ever saw), the uber-romantic Aspects of Love (scaled down revival, John Doyle?), or even The Beautiful Game, it doesn’t matter.  I just am such a sucker for those sweeping scores and ear-worm melodies (in 1995 my “alert” sound on my Mac PowerBook was the two second audio clip, “Sunset Boooooulevard!” as sung by Alan Campbell). And on top of all this creativity, he’s also got some serious business acumen, producing his own shows, owning theaters, and leading the …

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The Trends of Ten Years of New York Times Broadway Reviews. An infographic.

What’s cool about creating stuff, is that sometimes you make something for one specific purpose . . . and then you find it has a whole other purpose later on. It happens in the pharmaceutical industry all the time.  Did you know Viagra was originally made to treat hypertension?  Imagine the surprise when they conducted those clinical trials! This phenomenon just happened to me.  And I think you’re going to get as excited as those Viagra patients when you see the results. Here’s what happened: About five years ago, I started the Broadway review website DidHeLikeIt.com because I wanted to be the …

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Hamilton’s moving on up. What would you have done?

There has been a historical amount of buzz about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s The Hamilton Mixtape (the original title) since . . . well, since he first told people he was writing it!  Maestro Miranda had already ushered in a new type of Broadway storytelling with his first show, In the Heights, so the industry was like a kid waiting for Xmas to roll around when we all heard he was putting pen to paper and working on his second musical. Someone outside the Broadway biz asked me why there was so much attention around the debut of the now titled Hamilton this spring.  I’ve never responded …

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Are we experiencing another British invasion?

I don’t know about you, but it feels like everywhere I look this Broadway season, someone is talking with a British accent. We’ve got Curious Incident and Queen Elizabeth and that two-parter Wolf Hall to name just a few of the tea and crumpet crews that have landed on our shores this year. So is it just me, or are the British really coming, and coming, and coming? As much as I like to go with my gut, I like to go with the data even more, so I put my trusty assistant Dylan on the task of sorting through …

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Why theater owners should produce more . . . again.

Back in the day, the theater owners were some of the most prolific Producers on Broadway.  They produced in part by necessity . . . if their theaters were dark and they needed a booking, they just produced a show to fill the slot. But as theater became more expensive, and therefore more risky, and as more and more Producers raised their hands and said, “I wanna be a Producer,” the theater owners backed off and said, “Be our guest.” But the recent announcement of theater owner Jordan Roth’s upcoming revival of Falsettos reminded me that they should all start producing again with the …

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