The revival of play revivals.

Everyone knows we’ve got a theater availability problem on Broadway.  But what’s causing it? Like most business trends or any trend for that matter, our theater crunch isn’t because of one silver bullet.  A number of factors are squeezing the availability of our spaces. And I think I just stumbled upon another one. It’s not a major one . . . but it’s a cause for sure.  And it’s the star driven short-run revival. Stars have always been in plays, and they’ve also always been in revivals.  But it has only been in recent years that we’ve seen massive Hollywood stars come …

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Why plays don’t make good movies.

Since I announced I was dipping my toe into the shark-filled movie waters a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from screenwriters and playwrights asking me to consider adding their script to my slate.  My basket of scripts to read that sits right near my desk is overflowing with stuff that has piqued my interest. But one thing that concerned me a bit was the number of emails I got from playwrights who said, “I wrote a play. It’d be a great movie!” Maybe. But most likely not. Saying a play would make a great movie is …

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The Finalists for our 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest are . . .

Here ye!  Here ye! Behold, the 10 Finalists for our 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest! Each one of the 10 Minute plays below will win $50, just for making it this far.  And, on Thursday, July 31st, all of them will be on display at our 10 Minute Play Festival. We’ve got some super-importanté industry folks to judge the event including a literary manager at a high profile non-profit, a literary agent and mucho more. And don’t forget, the audience (that’s you when you get your tickets), will be a judge as well.  Yep, we’re doing this American Idol …

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Broadway Triple Crown

How many Double Crown winners have there been in all of Theater History?

The Olivier Awards were Sunday night.  And as I tweeted, The Book of Mormon shockingly took home the big prize of Best New Musical.  (In case you can’t read ‘tone’ through text – that “shockingly” was my little attempt at wry irony.) We all knew it was going to win, right? By bringing home that blimey best musical prize overseas, The Book of Mormon entered the theatrical history books (as if the first musical to use the “C word” on a Broadway stage wasn’t enough), as a Theatrical Double Crown Winner, which means it won the Best Musical or Best Play prize on …

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Pulitzer Prize on Drama

Why The Flick winning The Pulitzer is an example of artistic producing at its best.

I would never have produced The Flick. I will never produce The Flick. I can’t. You see, I’m a Broadway producer.  Not a theater producer.  I produce for a 10 block radius in the middle of New York City with a very specific audience. And I don’t believe for a second that the Broadway Audience would support something like The Flick enough for me to be able to repay my investors. So I can’t produce The Flick. But Playwrights Horizons can. And they did. And yesterday, when The Flick won The Pulitzer, Playwrights showed us what non-profit producing and leadership …

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