Podcast Episode #4 – Tony Award winning playwright Terrence McNally explains it all.

I first met Terrence McNally when I was the Associate Company Manager on Ragtime, although I felt like I had known him for years before.  There’s just something about his work . . . the characters, the language, the intimacy, the comedy infused with the tragedy . . . that feels like a friend who holds your hand and says, “Come, I want to show you something . . . and you won’t be the same after you see it.” Since then I’ve been honored to produce two McNally works; last season’s Mothers and Sons and this season’s big fat Broadway hit, It’s …

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Why a book writer is called a book writer and not . . .

I’m going to tickle your toes with a little tease right now . . . I just recorded Episode #4 of my Podcast with the living legend that is Terrence McNally, and when it hits the web-waves in a couple of weeks, make sure you tune in, because does he drop some advice bombs that will blow your mind. One of the subjects I dove into with Terrence got into the subject of writing plays versus writing musicals, since he’s a master of both forms.  He gave me a couple of great takeaways that you’ll have to wait until the …

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5 Ways to make your Off Broadway show work.

Off Broadway is dead. I’ve heard that from so many people in the last five years (irony in my use of that phrase, intended). And the good news is that it’s not dead. Is it sick? You betcha. And to extend that metaphor, if you had someone that you cared about, someone that you loved, that was sick, maybe even dying, would you just take the standard prescribed care if your loved one wasn’t getting any better?  Or would you try every experimental drug and treatment to try and bring your friend back to her former self? That’s what I thought. …

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Where oh where are the commercial Off Broadway shows?

They got the headline wrong. At the tail end of last year, Playbill posted an article entitled “Spring 2015 Off Broadway Preview,” which you can read here. If I was the editor of Playbill.com, I would have renamed the article, “Spring 2015 Non Profit Off Broadway Preview,” because of the 50 plus Off Broadway shows plugged for the coming months, I found only one, maybe two, that were commercially backed. Yeah, you read that right. Now there will be a couple more for sure (I, for one, know of one very high profile commercial Off Broadway project that’s going to …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to It’s Only A Play on Broadway!

Remember that time I announced my involvement in It’s Only A Play on Broadway?  And remember that time it was only supposed to run until January 4th? Ok, truth time. I’ll admit it.  I always expected it to be a hit, but I never in a million years expected it to be the kind of hit it has become!  And if you were thinking about investing in the show back in the day and asked me if I thought it was going to extend, I’d have said, “I wouldn’t even think about that.  Invest in this show based on this run only.  And …

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