If only they had this when I crowdfunded Godspell.

Hold on to your offering documents, people, because raising money for businesses, including Broadway shows, just got easier. Several years (!) after Congress passed the JOBS Act, the SEC finally wrote the rules on how for-profit crowdfunding (the most essential part of the Act) will work. And it was worth the wait. A little history . . . When I crowdfunded Godspell, I used an archaic regulation called “Reg A,” which allowed businesses to raise up to $5 million.  Already you can see why that regulation wouldn’t work for most Broadway shows, since most have budgets in excess of $5mm.  And while sure, …

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6 Reasons why the State of the Union is like Opening Night of a Broadway Show.

Politics is one of the greatest stages in the world.  And every year, we see one helluva show when the President addresses Congress and The Country World with his State of the Union address. It’s got all sorts of drama built in, and as I watched President Obama do his yearly duty last night, I couldn’t help but think that it reminded me of a Broadway opening night. So here are my six reasons why the State of the Union is like a Broadway opening night: 1.  IT STARTS LATE The advertised curtain time was 9:00 PM, but the President didn’t …

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Who really lost the standoff over The Interview?

The hacking dust is starting to settle.  The laughs from the streamed release of The Interview are starting to fade. And while the racist rhetoric from North Korea continues to bubble up, and while somehow the country mysteriously keeps losing its internet altogether (hehe), we’re well into the denouement of this story (read my first post about it here – including all your comments on whether you would have released it or not). So who lost? Was it North Korea, who is surely going to suffer a heck of a lot more in the long run after their childlike internet pranks? …

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Would I have canceled The Interview? And would you?

There are some days when I dream about being a big time Hollywood Studio Movie Producer. Yesterday was not one of them. Like most of the world, I’ve been watching this The Interview crisis like it was an act of terrorism . . . oh wait . . . it was. And like I do with just about everything that involves a leader faced with a big decision (but especially those that affect the entertainment industry), I asked myself, ‘What would I have done?’ (It’s a great game, by the way – and this exercise helps you define your leadership …

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It’s still not easy being green on Broadway.

Last weekend, my grocery bill at a Ralphs grocery store in LA was thirty cents higher than the food costs.  Why? I forgot to bring my reusable bags and had to “buy” three paper bags instead. In case you didn’t know, Cali has a ban on those environmental hazards also known as plastic bags, so grocery stores can’t hand them out.  And to decrease their customer’s dependency on paper bags, the stores charge for them, encouraging their shoppers to bring canvas bags instead. You’d think that New York City especially would be as cutting edge as California when it comes to …

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