Would I have canceled The Interview? And would you?

There are some days when I dream about being a big time Hollywood Studio Movie Producer. Yesterday was not one of them. Like most of the world, I’ve been watching this The Interview crisis like it was an act of terrorism . . . oh wait . . . it was. And like I do with just about everything that involves a leader faced with a big decision (but especially those that affect the entertainment industry), I asked myself, ‘What would I have done?’ (It’s a great game, by the way – and this exercise helps you define your leadership …

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It’s still not easy being green on Broadway.

Last weekend, my grocery bill at a Ralphs grocery store in LA was thirty cents higher than the food costs.  Why? I forgot to bring my reusable bags and had to “buy” three paper bags instead. In case you didn’t know, Cali has a ban on those environmental hazards also known as plastic bags, so grocery stores can’t hand them out.  And to decrease their customer’s dependency on paper bags, the stores charge for them, encouraging their shoppers to bring canvas bags instead. You’d think that New York City especially would be as cutting edge as California when it comes to …

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Free Advice on Raising Money from the Best Money Raiser on the Planet.

You know where the biggest stage in the world is? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not on Broadway. It’s not in the West End. It’s in Washington, DC. The American political system is by far the biggest and most important stage in the world. It’s where the future of the world is shaped.  And oh, the drama! If you want to be a player in the theater of American politics you need a lot of things: charisma, education and a whole crap ton of money. Barack Obama knew he had the ideas. He knew he had the intelligence. And …

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Could Broadway pull a Burger King?

I knew there was a reason I was a McDonald’s fan. Burger King made a Whopper-sized announcement this week that they are buying Tim Hortons, another processed food parts chain, and moving their headquarters to Canada . . . eh? Why this major business move? Simple.  Why else do big corporations (and sometimes small corporations, and sometimes super wealthy people) move? To get further away from the long arm of the IRS.  Yep, Burger King, one of the most successful American food franchises, which earned $75.1 (!) million last quarter, is trading in their US passport to save taxes. There’s a …

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While we celebrate independence, others do not. But they sing about it.

Happy fourth, everyone.  I hope that you’re reading this on your smartphone by a pool somewhere, taking a bite out of a BBQ’d burger, waiting for the fireworks to  . . . well . . . fire. We’re a lucky country, you know.  We may have some effed up health care issues, and pot holes the size of the pool you’re sitting by, but we get a ton of freedoms and liberties that a lot of other people don’t have . . . including the right to produce theater about whatever the heck we want. Our fellow super-power citizens in …

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