CASE STUDY: Why I talk to my audience.

If you came to see Spring Awakening or Daddy Long Legs over the last few weeks, then you might have seen me hanging around the restrooms (as creepy as that sounds) or more likely, mixing in with the audience as they left the theater.  To be a Producer means you have to be an expert eavesdropper, listening in …

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dj new

Podcast Episode #40: The Artistic Director of Deaf West, Mr. David “DJ” Kurs.

That was a fast five weeks, wasn’t it? Spring Awakening month here on the ol’ Producer’s Perspective Podcast ends today, but not without going out with what is absolutely the coolest of all of my podcasts to date. What makes this podcast different from all others?  Because it’s not just a podcast, it’s an everything-cast. …

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