You’ve built an army, but the war is over. What do you do with ‘em?

You ever cruise Facebook or Twitter, and see a page that hasn’t been updated in awhile?  And I’m not talking days or weeks . . . but months . . . years even.  You know what I’m talking about . . . a page where the last post says something like, “Have you see Frozen yet?  I think “Let It Go” might be a keeper,” or “Happy millennium everyone . . . Y2-what?” There’s nothing more depressing.  To me, pages like that are like abandoned houses in bad neighborhoods, with weeds where the grass once grew, and broken beer bottles strewn …

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Why I’m mad at Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The truth is . . . I love me some Lloyd Webber. Whether we’re talking old school JCS or Joseph, the classic Phantom (the first Broadway show I ever saw), the uber-romantic Aspects of Love (scaled down revival, John Doyle?), or even The Beautiful Game, it doesn’t matter.  I just am such a sucker for those sweeping scores and ear-worm melodies (in 1995 my “alert” sound on my Mac PowerBook was the two second audio clip, “Sunset Boooooulevard!” as sung by Alan Campbell). And on top of all this creativity, he’s also got some serious business acumen, producing his own shows, owning theaters, and leading the …

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What Hillary Clinton’s announcement means for your press strategy.

Were you surprised??? On Sunday, Hillary Clinton announced that she was running for President! This is my shocked face.   Ok, so no one was taken aback by the news . . . but some folks were taken aback by the way she announced the news. In the old days, the potential first female President would have held a big press conference, invited press days before, and issued a release simultaneously with her live announcement to make sure every nook and cranny of the media world knew about her intentions.  In fact, she might have even sent out that press release …

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Podcast Episode #15 – Broadway Attorney Dan Wasser explains the JOBS Act and more.

One of the first people that a Broadway Producer hires when he or she sets out to produce a show is his or her attorney. So, I thought it was about time we heard from one. It’s a fascinating time in the legal world of Broadway shows, particularly in the area of how money is raised for Broadway shows.  That’s why I picked one of the experts in our industry on financing for this episode, my own attorney, Daniel M. Wasser of Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo! I’ve worked with Dan for over a decade, and he has given me …

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And the finalists for the Second Annual Davenport Songwriting Contest are . . .

Hundreds entered.  Only ten remain. This is . . . The Davenport Songwriting Games! Dum-dum-dum. This is it.  The day we announce the ten finalists in my Second Annual Songwriting Contest.  Each of the ten finalists below take home $50, and get a chance to win $500 at the live event on Thursday April 30th. So who are the lucky ten??? Here we go . . . in no particular order. “See The World” – Music and Lyrics by Scott Wilkinson “I Don’t Wanna Be Friends” – Music and Lyrics by Josh Kight “Sublet My Heart” – Music and Lyrics by …

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