The nuts and bolts (and a few screws too) of a Broadway Budget.

Since I started blogging six years ago, I’ve received countless emails from folks around the world asking for information about Broadway budgets. “Can I see one?” “How much does scenery cost?” “What the eff is a recoupment schedule and how do you calculate it?” It was all these questions and the e-piles more that got me to hold my very first Webinar last October which I aptly named, Breakin’ Down A Broadway Budget.  And it was awesome.  I put together a PowerPoint, went through an actual Broadway budget line by line, and filled in the online and on-the-phone audience with …

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The Trends of Ten Years of New York Times Broadway Reviews. An infographic.

What’s cool about creating stuff, is that sometimes you make something for one specific purpose . . . and then you find it has a whole other purpose later on. It happens in the pharmaceutical industry all the time.  Did you know Viagra was originally made to treat hypertension?  Imagine the surprise when they conducted those clinical trials! This phenomenon just happened to me.  And I think you’re going to get as excited as those Viagra patients when you see the results. Here’s what happened: About five years ago, I started the Broadway review website DidHeLikeIt.com because I wanted to be the …

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ice cream

What we learned in kindergarten is now the new economy.

The first lesson I learned from Mrs. Beasley, my Kindergarten teacher, was to share. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  And when I shared, people shared with me.  And we both were happy. Fast forward 35 years. Last week, I bought something on eBay.  Later I took an Uber to a meeting.  And then I rented a vacation apartment on Airbnb. What do all of these things have in common?  These companies are all part of what is commonly referred to as The Sharing Economy.  You know, where people connect with other people, through an intermediary website or app, …

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Three tips I learned about raising money from Shark Tank.

Are you watching Shark Tank? I love it. You’ve got those big billionaires hearing pitches from up and coming entrepreneurs. Big money and bigger dreams are on the line. It’s great television. It’s also a great lesson in raising money. As I was watching two sisters pitching pickles on a recent episode, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a few tips on how to raise money for shows. Because it doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to raise money for pickles or for a new musical about pickles, the strategy is the same. Here are three tips I learned about raising …

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Podcast Episode #12 – Broadway General Manager Wendy Orshan on modern day management.

You know what I love about our industry?  Of the eight or so Broadway General Managers that GM 99% of all Broadway shows, at least half of them are women.  That’s right, the top of our business food chain isn’t an old boys’ club at all.  And that’s awesome. I was lucky enough to get Nina Lannan to share her secrets of managing a Broadway show back on episode #3, and this week, you are lucky enough to get to listen to the smart and supportive comments of another one of our Broadway superpowers, Wendy Orshan, of 101 Productions. Along with her …

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