A new (and cheap) way to try shows out out-of-town.

A lot of folks come into my office with musicals underneath their arm.  Some need rewrites, some need readings, and many need actual productions.  Of course, that’s the hardest and most expensive thing to get.  But there comes a point when every show needs one.  Without a design, without choreography, without an audience, there’s only so much development you can do. That’s why one of the most common questions I get from those folks, and at my Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar is . . . “How do I get a production?” My white-boarding answer usually includes festivals, …

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The secret of The Forrest Gump Formula.

Sometimes I think the success of a movie should be measured not in awards and box office grosses, but in the number of memorable quotes that become pop culture cliches. If that were really how it was done, then Forrest “Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates” Gump would be the biggest smash of all time. “Run, Forrest, run,” “Stupid is as stupid does,” and even The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company are just a few of the phrases that could be part of a Jeopardy category dedicated to the iconic film. As if those quotes weren’t enough . . .  to top it …

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5 Reasons Why A Wedding is Like an Opening Night.

I’ve been on my honeymoon in Hawaii for a week now, and my new wife and I have done everything together from surfing lessons to a luau to 36 holes of golf in one day (am I a lucky guy or what?). We’ve done it all. Except blog together! So today, Tracy and I are going to co-author this blog.  Oh wait, hold on, she wants to say something . . . Hi Ken’s readers!  Thanks for letting me chime in here!  I’ve been reading Ken’s blog since he started this thing, so first let me say I’m so sorry for …

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Free Advice on Raising Money from the Best Money Raiser on the Planet.

You know where the biggest stage in the world is? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not on Broadway. It’s not in the West End. It’s in Washington, DC. The American political system is by far the biggest and most important stage in the world. It’s where the future of the world is shaped.  And oh, the drama! If you want to be a player in the theater of American politics you need a lot of things: charisma, education and a whole crap ton of money. Barack Obama knew he had the ideas. He knew he had the intelligence. And …

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Who won the tickets to Modern Times with the NY Philharmonic?

I know showing films with an orchestra playing live is only one thing that the NY Phil does every year, but somebody should do this all the time.  I get all giddy thinking about hearing a 50 piece orchestra play some of your suggestions for this week’s giveaway:  Oliver, Fantasia . . . or Moulin Rouge! But the winner of this week’s giveaway, the guy that will be taking the tickets, and hopefully taking a hot date to see Modern Times with the NY Philharmonic is . . . Nelson M.! Congrats, Nelson!   Email me to get your tickets. Oh, and, …

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