Game of Chess ca. 1990s

If Grand Masters do it, so should you.

Nerd alert! I like chess. In fact, there was a time when I was a member of the Manhattan Chess Club.  I even took lessons from this guy, who at one point in his incredible career beat Bobby Fischer.  And yes, I’ll admit, one time I got beat by a 9 year old (in my defense, this kid was the Justin Bieber of the Chess Club, and had the IQ of a mini Stephen Hawking). One of the first rules that I was taught as I learned the game was to write down every single move I made, and every single …

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A bust of a blizzard but what would you have done?

I woke up this morning half hoping to see mountains of snow in the streets, and people cross country skiing down 5th Avenue (I’ve seen that twice before in my twenty plus years in the city).  After all that was promised, I wanted to see Juno’s wrath, and revel in the power of Mama Nature. But alas, alack, the streets were clear when I got up this AM. The blizzard of 2015 that shut down Broadway and closed businesses all over town, costing the city and entrepreneurs millions and millions of dollars, was a big ol’ bust. Grrrr. Now I’m …

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5 Ways to sell tickets on a Snow Day.

You’ve worked so hard advertising your show, and then wham-bam-thank-you-sir-may-I-have-another, in comes Mother Nature to remind you who’s the boss. As you probably know, Broadway is under a sloth of snow, and since the majority of our audiences don’t live within a block of our theaters, a lot of shows will have seats to sell.  This blizzard is going to take a huge bite out of business this week, both in the lack of “walk-up” and in the number of exchanges that will be requested from all those folks in New Jersey, Long Island and the environs that won’t be …

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Who won the tickets to see Honeymoon in Vegas?

Hehe.  You guys make me laugh. Here are just a few of the entries to this week’s Sunday Giveaway: Paris Hilton will play Ado Annie in Oklahoma! . . . in Vegas. You finally win a pair of free tix . . . in Vegas. Ken Davenport will do The Full Monty . . . in Vegas. I think that last one actually happened at my bachelor party last year.  Hey yo!  I kid, I kid.  I don’t remember what happened.   Okey dok, enough Vegas digressions . . . the winner of the free tickets to Honeymoon in Vegas is . . . Christina …

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How to put the New York Times critics in your pocket.

Like it or not, reviews matter. And if you’re interested in the business of Broadway (which I gotta assume you are), then knowing what the reviewers say about all the shows on Broadway, not only your own, matters even more.  There’s nothing worse than schmoozing someone over a cocktail and they say, “Did you see those reviews from so-and-so last night,” and you haven’t.  Gulp! That’s why I created, which gives you a quick snapshot of whether or not the New York Times (and all other important critics) like a show or not.  And, when you sign up for the …

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