5 Ways Professional Wrestling is like Broadway.

I got sucked into a late-night cable vortex last night. I was flipping through my brand new FiOS (it’s fancy, y’all, and so much better than Time Warner), and I stopped my clicker somewhere in the 500s on a guy in a red speedo who had his arms wrapped around another dude who was wearing a cape. At first I thought I found a lost live-action version of The Ambiguosly Gay Duo.  And then I realized, “No.  This is just professional wrestling.” I loved wrestling as a kid.  Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, WrestleMania.  Man, it was fun.  It’s kind of like …

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Who said there are a limited # of theaters in Times Square?

The current Broadway theater crunch has got everyone thinking about what to do with the next set of shows coming down the pike. If Broadway was JFK airport, there would be at least 20-30 planes circling, waiting for the Air Traffic Controllers (aka the Theater Owners) to call them in for a landing. But for a lot of people, especially the younger generation of Producers and Writers, waiting for “permission” to land your show isn’t going to cut it. Generation T (for “Tomorrow”) has already started creating shows for alternative spaces (Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, Queen …

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The First TEDxBroadway 2015 Teaser.

At the very first TEDxBroadway, I gave a talk about what Broadway looked like 20 years ago. That was back in 2012!  It’s almost time for another talk about what it was like back then!  (Seriously though, if you believe in the law of “accelerating change” then the last three years are like ten years a few decades ago – if that makes any sense.)  Just think about all the things that have happened to the theater in those last three years.  And just think of what’s to come! That’s why I love TEDxBroadway and why I helped found it . …

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Sure you can be successful doing this, but do you wanna?

I snapped this pic in this blog at the baggage claim at the Myrtle Beach airport last weekend.  It was my first trip to Myrtle Beach (and maybe my last – thanks to that reprehensible airline known as Spirit – but that’s for another blog), so I was delightfully surprised to see a lot of live entertainment. But I was a bit dismayed by the type of entertainment. Cuz let’s face it . . . Jersey Nights is just a show that is piggybacking off the success of Jersey Boys.  They even threw Jersey in the title to make sure their customers knew that …

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People are laughing at how high the ticket prices are at this theater.

A Spanish comedy club has taken the ol’ classic “pay-what-you-can” marketing ploy to the next level, and it has been so successful the club and its patrons have been laughing all the way to the bank. In response to an increase in theater production taxes from 8% to 21%, the club in question, called Teatreneu (say that again with a Spanish accent for optimum effect), developed a new form of technology that measures how many times you laugh during their show . . . and charges based on how much you enjoy the show. Yep, it’s pay-per-laugh. They outfitted the backs …

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