What the heck does a General Manager do anyway?

A reader pinged me last week wanting me to clarify exactly what a General Manager’s job was on a Broadway show, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain it . . . using one of my favorite theatrical analogies. I think the hierarchical leadership structure of a Broadway play or Broadway musical is similar to how our country structures its military leadership. At the top of the upside down pyramid you have the President, or the Commander-in-Chief.  He’s the guy (or, in two years, maybe a gal?) that decides whether or not he wants to go to war. …

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How to Raise Money for your Show: The Seminar!

I owe you an apology. Because this blog, and its related seminar, is at least a year in the making. Ever since I started teaching my Get Your Show Off The Ground and Broadway Investing 101 Seminars, I’ve gotten a ton of requests to create a seminar dedicated to the subject of how to raise money for your Broadway show, your Off Broadway show, or your anywhere show. And I’ve wanted to do something about it for a long time. After all, my “How to Raise Money” blogs, are some of my most read.  And the subject comes up in …

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Broadway college theater

Where to start if you want to study the performing arts.

Some of the coolest cold emails I get are from high school students all over the country, asking me for advice on where to go and what to study in college if they want to work on Broadway someday. I pitch my alma mater first (duh) and then some of my other faves . . . and then spit out my usual advice of trying to be close to the city if you can, because getting acclimated to the business and NYC-life while you’re still under the umbrella of an institution is what gave me a head start over my …

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Broadway Wicked Popular

What are the most popular Broadway Theaters?

I got a lot of emails about last month’s “What The Tuck” blog and Broadway theater availability in general . . . which got me wondering . . . which Broadway Theaters are booked the most often? Because if we’re facing an availability crisis then it would make sense that Producers should look at the theaters that are likely to be free, right? (Hmmmm, maybe “free” isn’t the right word.) And at the same time, if a theater has a low occupancy, then perhaps the location, location, location of that specific theater isn’t prime for recoupment, recoupment, recoupment.  Right? So, …

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car tune up

New Seminar: Tune Up Your Marketing Materials

If I were a statistics guy (wait a minute, I am), I’d say that 75% of the questions I get in email form and at my ‘Get Your Show Off The Ground’ seminars are marketing related. Specifically, I get a lot of questions about logos, tag lines, and blurbs (insert “Oh My!” here). Because so many of you seem to be having similar issues and concerns about how to make sure you have materials for your shows that will sell the most tickets, I’ve designed a seminar specifically for you. It’s called “Tune Up Your Marketing Materials”, and, well, it’s …

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