Why Stephen Sondheim is wrong.

Stephen Sondheim is a genius.  And as I said in one of my first blogs, way back in 2007, he’s the Shakespeare of American Musical Theater. But that doesn’t mean he’s right all the time. And last week, he was just wrong. Not about anything artistic, mind you.  I’m certainly not correcting a lyric of …

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Why Broadway shows are going to get shorter.

At an industry event the other day, a Broadway Producer peer of mine and I were chatting about all the shows filling the theaters these days and how she was going to work them all into her schedule. “You know what my four favorite words are?” she asked. “No.  What are your four favorite words?” …

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Why Big Brands should start producing theater, or What I learned from Theme Parks.

I’m going to Orlando this weekend, so naturally I have theme parks on the brain. That, plus yesterday was “Back to the Future Day” . . . so combine that with theme parks and I can’t help but think of the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios. That was a fun ride, right?  And it promoted that movie and …

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