How to lead an army of Producers.

Yesterday I talked about how I didn’t care about how many names there were above the title of a show.  And you shouldn’t either, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of you running your show. And that’s where I’ve seen many shows go south. The issue isn’t the # of names above a …

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April’s grosses fooled us.

Something didn’t look right. Every time I looked at the Broadway grosses during the month of April, my “Spidey Sense” went off.  (And in case you don’t know, “Spidey Sense” for a Broadway Producer is a fear that the #s are as bad as the Broadway production of Spider-Man.) It just felt like shows were grossing …

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Wave goodbye to Daddy.

Don’t be mad at me. I usually like to break any news I have about my shows first right here on my blog. But some things happened very fast over the past 48 hours and I had to announce that Daddy Long Legs, one of the most perfect little gems of a musical I’ve ever worked …

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