What Broadway does that tours should do, and a “Will it Recoup?” update!

When a Broadway show recoups its capitalization, the Producer and the Press Agent scream it from the hills like they were Mel Gibson in Braveheart going into battle.  “Recooooooooouuuuuupppppment!!!!” And they should. Recouping a Broadway show ain’t easy, so everyone involved (including the artists and actors, btw) should be so proud of what they’ve done.  (And besides, …

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Will Phantom ever be Revived?

The original 1957 Broadway production of West Side Story was a big hit.  It ran 732 performances. Music Man, which bested it for the Tony Award, ran 1,375 performances. The original My Fair Lady ran what seems like a whopping 2,717 performances. Let’s flash forward four or five decades and take a look at our biggest hits: Mamma Mia …

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