Broadway Ball of Twine

A Super Sized Soap Opera comes to an end.

I don’t usually blog about every closing announcement that comes down the pike.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll tweet about one every now and then. But this isn’t just any closing announcement. This is Spider-Man‘s closing announcement. That’s right, citizens of Gotham.  The biggest musical Broadway has ever seen just announced that it will be closing its doors on January 4th.  Don’t worry about our web-slingin’ superhero though, according to this article in The Times, he’ll be swinging soon enough in Vegas and Germany! (They love “The Hof” so why not Spidey?) I would worry about the investors, who are starting …

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Broadway Thursday Matinee

The Wednesday Matinee may not be just for Wednesdays anymore.

Looking for something to do on a Thursday afternoon?  Finally, you can put “See a Broadway Show” on your list of possible to-dos. At long last, a triumvirate of Broadway shows are leading the alternative-performance-time charge and adding Thursday matinees to their regularly scheduled program.  Mamma Mia!, Phantom of the Opera, and Cinderella collectively announced that commencing April 3, 2014, they will each have a Thursday performance at 2 PM. There have been a few stray Thursday mat performances before . . . I remember Crazy for You having one back in the 90s.  And maybe even a stray Cats Thurs mat way back when. But …

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Bridges of Madison County Broadway

Why I decided to be a Producer on . . .

On Tuesday, I tweeted that I had just signed on to be an above-the-title Producer on a new Broadway show arriving this season (in just a few months actually). Now that the ink is drying on the deal, I can tell you what that show is . . . and more importantly, why I’m producing it. The show is . . . Bridges of Madison County. The why is . . . as with anything, for a whole bunch of reasons. First, I like to produce one show a year that I am not lead-producing . . . and this is something …

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Untitled 1

10 Shows that Stand Out at the Fringe – 2013

It’s August in NYC, which means stanky subway platforms, throngs of tourists, and the New York International Fringe Festival! And if you’re an obsessive, compulsive theatergoer then this festival is for you. It’s chock full of more than 200 productions from all over the world performed in a sweet 16 days at over 20 venues. Every year, I kill about 27 trees printing out the mammoth program guide of each and every show, and I pick ten shows that grab my attention and go on my list of “Learn more about this show.” And then I share those shows with …

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The entertainment industry is not all glee and games.

I get breaking news from CNN pushed to my iPhone, as I’m sure a lot of you do as well.  And I’ve read some pretty sad things over the years. But for some reason, the death of Cory Monteith hit me a little harder than any of the other alerts I’ve received.  And I only made it through a season and a half of Glee.   Maybe it was because he was only 31.  Maybe it was because he was talked about as one of the nicest guys on the planet.  Or maybe it was because he was dating Lea Michele, …

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