What the NYC Marathon Runners taught me.

In case you didn’t see the swarms of people with aluminum foil wrapped around them yesterday, the NYC Marathon was held this weekend. The marathon is one of those weird periodical New York tourist events where thousands upon thousands of people descend upon New York City . . . and none of them go to see a Broadway show. Shows are always trying to come up with new ways to get the marathon participants to run up to the box office, but it never seems to work.  Take the marathon, add in Halloween and sprinkle in a little Daylight Savings …

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You can try too hard.

In case you haven’t heard, about two years ago I turned into one of those annoying golfers. You know the ones . . . they watch it on TV, they read golf magazines, and they wear golf attire even when they’re not golfing, etc. And sometimes they even work golf metaphors into their blogs about producing theater! Like anything I do, when I pick something up, I pick it up . . . big time. See golf is a tricky, difficult sport, and the Type A, OCD, Virgo in me just can’t suck at anything. (And I’ve got a feeling …

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Three Things Broadway can learn from The World Cup.

Gooaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! Is it just me or has everyone gone World Cup Crazy? It’s been four years since the last Cup, and I don’t remember the volume of the soccer conversation in this city ever being as loud as it is now, an obvious sign that the sport has achieved some serious market penetration, as opposed to four years ago. It’s on the TV, it’s on the Interwebs, and it’s even on the streets (Three German dudes were passing a ball back and forth on Broadway and 48th street yesterday). So what is it about the Cup that’s gotten everyone to …

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Broadway Super Bowl

What effect will the Super Bowl have on Broadway?

If you think The Return of the Polar Vortex is having a cooling effect on the Broadway Box Office, there could be an even bigger storm a brewin’ that’s set to arrive in two weeks. Of course, I’m talking about the Super Invasion that takes place not just on Sunday, Feb 2nd, but the entire week before!  That’s when the Super Bowl comes to town in what is going to be the first Super Bowl to be played outdoors in a cold weather environment. But the game is just the beginning!  If you haven’t heard, the street formerly known as Broadway …

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Broadway Boston Red Sox

It’s Batting Practice on Broadway.

Growing up as a kid in suburban Massachusetts in the 80s, I took at least two trips a season to the famed Fenway Park to catch BoSox games. (Huh. I wonder if anyone has ever studied my Massachusetts generation for signs of permanent depression after being exposed to so much loss at such a young age). I loved going to the games. Not only was I a fan of the sport and the team, despite their stubborn determination to let me down, but I played baseball as well from the age of 8 on up to 18. As I think …

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