The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Goodspeed’s The Theory of Relativity!

You know summer is approaching when I’m giving away tickets to a Goodspeed show! The Goodspeed Opera House is one of the country’s most beautiful seasonal theaters in one of the country’s most beautiful locales . . . but the theater is more than that.  It has also produced some of the country’s most successful musicals, having given birth to shows like Annie and Man of La Mancha. And now they are debuting another new musical at their Norma Terris Theatre (where my own 13 tried out years ago), that, who knows, could be the country’s next big hit. It’s called The Theory of Relativity and it’s …

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Who won the tickets to The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway?

Ok, one of you enterprising writers out there, please, please, please write a play that takes place in an acting class.  If you need a hysterical scene or two, just read a few of this week’s entries.  Oh man, did you guys make me pee.  My favorite had to be the girl who was practicing fainting and actually fainted . . . to the applause of her classmates who thought she was acting.  Genius! But in case you didn’t know, I don’t choose the winner of these giveaways by my favorite.  I choose them by random.  And this week, the …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway!

Hey yo!  Heidi is back on Broadway, and she brought along Elisabeth Moss, Jason Biggs and Bryce Pinkham with her, in a brand new production that got raves. And one of you is going to see it for free. Oh man it feels like just yesterday I was doing scenes from The Heidi Chronicles at Tisch.  I played Scoop in the famous, “Are you guarding the chips,” scene. I was awful. See, I had a crush on the girl playing Heidi, and see there’s this moment at the end of the scene where Scoop plants a big ol’ confident kiss …

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Who won the pass to the Broadway Stage Management Symposium?

You guys showed some serious Stage Manager love this week.  It’s quite a roll call of names . . . and frankly, now it reads like a list of people I’d like to hire!  This giveaway became the ultimate LinkedIn-like referral!  Need an SM? Check the list, google the name, and hire ‘em up. But who won the free pass, you ask? Megan Simmons, congratulations.  You just won a $355 pass to the Broadway Stage Management Symposium!  Email me to get your pass. And for all of you who put up names of your favorite SMs, forward the blog on …

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The Sunday Giveaway: A Free Pass to the Broadway Stage Management Symposium worth $355!

I was going to be a Stage Manager, ya know. Sure, sure . . . see my first job was as a Production Assistant on a Broadway show, and that’s the first step in a headset-wearin’, cue-callin’ career as a Stage Manager. I did it for awhile (and I have some great memories of running the deck for the Broadway company of Grease with Rosie O’Donnell, Megan Mullally and just about every other sort-of-star that walked the planet). But I switched over to Company Manager shortly thereafter . . . because Stage Managing was just too dang hard! If only I had …

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