The Sunday Giveaway: The “Be a Broadway Star” Board Game!

After last week’s “10 Great Holiday Gifts” Blog, I got a lot of emails about my Be A Broadway Star board game.  Turns out, not as many of you knew about it as I thought! So, I thought I’d give one away! Be A Broadway Star is Broadway’s only board game.  It’s like Life meets Charades with a dash of Celebrity thrown in.  You round the board getting cast in shows, getting cut from shows, winning Tony Awards, and more. And at the end of the game, the person with the most fans wins! My favorite part of the game is the “Make or Break” cards. …

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Who won the tickets to see Whoopi read The Night Before Xmas with the NY Philharmonic?

If anyone needs a super-charged holiday playlist, then check out this week’s giveaway entries, because there are some curl-up-with-some-cocoa classics in there. And soooooo many would make great musicals, including the choice of this week’s winner . . . Robert Piper!  Congrats, Robert!  (Robert thinks Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas would be super stage worthy.) Robert, email me to get your tickets for Whoopi! And make sure you tell me how it is, because it sounds awesome.   (Got a comment? I love ‘em, so comment below! Email Subscribers, click here then scroll down to say what’s on your mind!) …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to hear Whoopi Goldberg read The Night Before Christmas!

Ho ho ho, it’s the holidays! And when you think holidays, you think Santa Claus, Frosty The Snowman . . . and Whoopi Goldberg? Leave it to the NY Philharmonic to shake up the ol’ Christmas Classic, The Night Before Christmas, by having Whoopi Goldberg read it to their holiday concert audience on December 19th! What a fun idea, right?  Who says orchestras were boring?  Way to go, NY Phil. You want to go, don’t you?  You’re curious about what the Whoop is gonna say.  Whatever she says, you know it’ll be funny. And lucky for you, I’m giving away two tickets …

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Who won the tickets to see Sticks and Bones off Broadway?

This week I asked you all to tell me about your first show or job that put you on your passionate path of the theater. From a 4 year old Sugar Plum Fairy to a 5th grade artistic director/set designer . . . so many of you were introduced to the theater at a young age. Makes me think about this guy and the next generation of theatergoers. But let’s get to the reason you’re all here, to see who win the tickets to Sticks and Bones! Katie K you win! Email me to set up your tickets. Stay tuned …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Sticks and Bones and a signed playbill!

Who says stars only want to “play” on Broadway? Off Broadway producing powerhouse The New Group is currently presenting the first major NY revival of David Rabe’s Sticks and Bones, the Tony Award winning Best Play of 1972. You’ve probably never heard of S&B, right?  And you thought you knew all the big Tony Award winners!  Leave it to The New Group to dig one out that hasn’t been seen in a while, and is rarely thought of. And if you’re intrigued now, wait until you hear who is in it. We’re talking Bill Pullman, Holly Hunter, and Richard Chamberlain, to name a few! …

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