Who won the tickets to Disgraced on Broadway?

Boy oh boy, I hope you entered this week’s giveaway.  Because if you win, you’re about to get a huge ROI. Why? Because you entered before the show opened.  And on Thursday, this new American play that happened to pick up a Pulitzer on its way to Broadway got an across-the-board set of rave reviews that the characters in It’s Only A Play could only dream about. So who is this lucky duck? Congratulations to Rick Reynolds!  You’re going to see a hit!  Email me to secure your seats. If your name is not Rick Reynolds, don’t worry, I’ve giving away …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to the Pulitzer Prize winning Disgraced on Broadway!

If it wasn’t for the production of Disgraced that is in previews at the Lyceum Theatre right now, the last three Pulitzer Prize winners for Drama would have only had Off Broadway productions in New York.  Whereas 9 of the previous 10 winners had Broadway productions (sounds like another infographic coming, doesn’t it?). Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Off Broadway, but it seems crazy to think that the winners of the most important prize for American plays don’t always get Broadway productions, doesn’t it?  If that doesn’t tell you about the changing Broadway audience and the challenges of producing new …

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Who won the tickets to Happy Karaoke Fun Time?

Ok.  Next Saturday.  Karaoke party.  Who’s hosting? Cuz I want to hear Alexa sing “Bust A Move!” Yep, that’s right, Alexa . . . you win the two tickets to see Happy Karaoke Fun Time!  Email me to set up your tickets. And the rest of you, let’s start training for the KWC:  Karaoke World Championship.  Yep.  For real.  That’s a thing.   (Got a comment? I love ‘em, so comment below! Email Subscribers, click here then scroll down to say what’s on your mind!) – – – – – FUN STUFF: – Only 4 days until the Breaking Down a Broadway …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Happy Karaoke Fun Time Off Broadway!

It was only a matter of time. Karaoke started sweepin’ the nation in the early ’90s. Jukebox musicals starting poppin’ up on Broadway in the early ’00s. So of course, in the early 20-teens, someone had to put them together. And what do you get when Karaoke and Jukebox musicals copulate and procreate? Happy Karaoke Fun Time! Happy Karaoke FT is a fully improvised musical that uses popular songs in its scenes with original lyrics made up right in front of your ears!  And let me tell you something right now, if you’ve never seen an improvised musical, go.  Because your …

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The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to iLuminate Off Broadway!

In The Age of Independents there are a lot more roads to success than ever before.  And iLuminate, the Off Broadway show that has been running for a year and a half at New World Stages is a fantastic example of the new theatrical economy. iLuminate didn’t try out at a Non-Profit theater first.  It didn’t wait to get an agent to find them a Producer. No.  iLuminate appeared on America’s Got Talent, blew the judges away, and used that notoriety to springboard themselves to an Off Broadway production. If you don’t know iLuminate, prepared to be lit up!  Check out their website here, watch …

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