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Sometimes bad things happen to good shows.

This blog is all about trying to crack the Broadway code.  What can we do to increase our odds of success?  Research?  New economic models?  Stars? All of that analysis is essential, especially if you’re in this game for the long haul. But Broadway and all businesses are like the weather.  You can predict it all you want, but you never know if the sun is going to shine until you’re standing outside and you can feel it on your face. I predicted the sun would shine on The Bridges of Madison County, which is why I signed on as a producer …

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Theater Things That Don’t Make Sense Vol. 12: Quote this!

If you’re a Producer or a General Manager and you reach out to an agent to hire an actor, a director or any member of a creative team, you might often hear this comment after your first offer: “Thank you, but that offer is too low.  NAME OF ARTIST’s quote is $XXX.” This “quote” nomenclature refers to the highest payment that the artist received for a previous project. (Anyone else see the irony of me putting the word quote in quotes?) Of course, an agent wants to get the most for their client, so with each project they try to …

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Theater Things That Don’t Make Sense Vol. 11: Why pay once, when you can pay twice.

When I was producing Godspell, I bumped into a a quirky little union rule that didn’t make much sense to me, but cost my investors and me more than a few ‘cents.’  I was gonna blog about it then, but I figured it was a pretty rare situation.  Since I didn’t think I’d slam up against it again anytime soon, I let it lie. Flash forward two years later, and while budgeting Gettin’ The Band Back Together for Broadway, I’ve bumped back into it.  And from what my GM tells me, it comes up on a whole bunch of Broadway shows. So, I thought …

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To keep ‘em coming in the front, you should let them in the back.

I got an email from my high school English teacher last week asking if I could help a group of students she knew get a backstage tour at a Broadway show. She didn’t ask me which show they should see or if I could help them score some tickets to Kinky Boots.  She just wanted to know how to get them to see backstage. You know, “where the magic happens.” I’m trying to help them out, of course, because I know what most of you already know, but it is worth blog-peating . . . allowing your audience to see …

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How American Idol keeps you in, even when they’re off.

This should be American Idol‘s summer vacation.  They just crowned the winner of season 12 a couple of months ago.  And Season 13, with some new celebrity judge du jour (I’m hoping for Prince Harry or the girl that Anthony Weiner was sexting), doesn’t debut until mid January 2014. But the Producers are already building quite a buzz for the next airing, as they always do. How? They’re having auditions. In addition to online submissions, the American Idol Audition Bus is rolling across the country, making stops everywhere from Foxborough, MA to Omaha, Nebraska, giving everyone everywhere a chance at …

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