The Post Tony Fallout: 2 Less Awards and a Few More Trophies

Post Tony Fallout used to mean which shows would close after the Producers did their analyses of their Monday sales, with many praying for bumps from the telecast before, or a ton of awards they could trumpet in the press. And now, it also includes the new rulings established by the Tony Administration Committee for the next year’s awards. The Committee wastes no time in making changes these days, often making the announcements while the acceptance speeches are still ringing in our ears (this year’s came yesterday, three days after the ceremony), and I gotta say, I love how fast …

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Tony Pool Winner Announced! And how did me, you, and our Psychic do?

Okey dokey smokey, the accounting firm of the Davenport Theatrical Interns has finished their audit of our Tony Pool entries and they have selected a winner. But first, How did I do? Eh. I matched my performance of last year, getting 18 out of 26 right or a sub par 69.2%. How did the overall majority of you readers do?  Much better. The majority choices scored a good solid “B” with calling 84.6% of the winners (whenever I belly up to the Blog Bar, I’m always bragging about how my readers are smarter than everyone else’s). How did our resident …

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My Top 5 Favorite Moments of the 2014 Tony Awards

Well, that’s it.  Put a fork in the 2013-14 season, because she is done.  Now that the 2014 Tony Awards have been dished out, it’s time for everyone in the industry to dish out their thoughts on the telecast, the snubs, the speeches and more. As is customary on this Broadway blog, I’m going to list just five of my top Tony Award telecast moments.  And you know what’s fun?  Ever since I started doing this blog, it’s been getting harder and harder to narrow it down to just a handful.  The telecasts have come a long way, baby, and …

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Psychic 2

My predictions, your predictions (and a psychic’s) for the 2014 Tony Awards!

The Friday before the Tony Awards. It’s the last chance for water cooler talk about who will win, until Monday morning when the cooler chitter chatter will be all about who won . . . and which actor made the kookiest acceptance speech. This has been one of the hardest years to predict winners in a bunch of the big categories.  What makes this year different from all others?  A few things: There were no stand out smashes in either the Best Musical or the Best Play categories. The new nomination rules allowed (or didn’t allow) more than the usual …

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