Look who’s upset over actors getting paid more.

There’s an interesting controversy brewing on the left coast, and it’s not about whether there should be a Sharknado III. No, this one is actually about theater.  Yep, they not only have theater in Hollywood, they have troubles with the theater in Hollywood, just like we do. So what’s the brouhaha all about?  (And a side note:  isn’t brouhaha one of the most fun words on the planet?  Say it with me.  Brouhaha.  Brouhaha.  Hehe.) Here’s what happened. Actors’ Equity tried to do what unions are supposed to do; work for better conditions and salaries for their members.  See, the current …

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What I want from Santa Claus this Broadway Christmas.

My Mom is the best. I’m in my 5th decade now, and still, every year right after Thanksgiving she shoots me an email and says, “What does my boy want from Santa this Christmas?” Gone are the days I wanted the newest Nintendo game or the latest Dungeons and Dragons adventure.  Now mostly what I want for Christmas has to do with Broadway and how it can get better in the coming year decade. In the spirit of the old saying, “you can’t get what you don’t ask for,” (one of the simplest of lessons when raising money for your show, …

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There’s no labor in Broadway. But there’s no Broadway without it.

To most people in the US, Labor Day means one thing.  A day off. It’s a day of BBQs that signal the end of summer, back to school, and no more summer Fridays. When I first entered the Broadway work force, Labor Day meant another thing:  Holiday Pay (As an ATPAM member, we got a little extra in our paycheck on certain holidays – the theory being that unlike the regular work force, we didn’t get a long weekend – since the Broadway eight show a week schedule remains the same no matter what week it is). But Labor Day isn’t …

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We should walk in each other’s shoes.

The industry has a lot of big negotiations coming up in the next year or two, including Local 1 (stagehands) and 802 (musicians).  We’ve had a tough last decade, with both of those unions going on strike after impasse was reached.  And when someone goes on strike, guess who wins?  Nobody.  Guess who loses?  Everybody, especially our audience. So, as chatter starts up about the upcoming sit-downs, I started thinking about ways we could make the talks go smoother.  And the first idea to pop in my head was to . . . well . . . trade jobs for …

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What can Broadway learn from the NBA lockout?

If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve been foaming at the mouth and ornery to everyone you know for the past couple o’ months, as you’ve suffered through B-Ball withdrawal thanks to the lockout. Fear not, however, slam dunks and double-dribbles will return on Christmas day as a present to you all, now that a new 10 year agreement has been reached. First class labor disputes in sports always catch my eye, because of the major similarity between the two sides of their negotiating table and the two sides of Broadway’s table: Most of the owners of professional sports teams made …

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