Look who is bloggin’ now?

Last week I wrote a blog with my 5 Tips to Starting a Theater Blog.  And lo and behold, one appeared! Ok, truth time – this new blog didn’t have anything to do with my post, but it’s still a blog that we all should must read.  Why?  Well, it’s written by someone who has access to more ticketing data than anyone in the biz . . . the Shuberts themselves! Check out the new Shubert Ticketing Blog here (with articles by The Swami himself!). The most recent entry?  “What’s the Problem with Wednesday Nights?”  Or as I like to call it? …

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Why do people get so upset when they see a Standing O?

The always Smart ‘N Snarky John Simon wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago airing his disgust about the ubiquitous standing ovation.  (If you don’t know JS, the quick intro is that he was quite a respected critic for a whole bunch of publications until he was fired from his Bloomberg post in 2010.  The whispers in Shubert Alley were that he was dismissed for being too “mean”.  That’s a subjective opinion, of course.  I always thought his reviews were fun, although I do seem to recall a write-up for Footloose where he he mocked the ensemble for being unattractive.) …

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5 New Things About My Blog

Well, what do you think? If you’re looking at this blog online, you’re looking at a whole new look.  (If you’re reading this via email, then you’re also seeing a new look, but click here  to see the total new PP experience.) Since it’s Spring Cleaning time, we thought we’d give my blog a wet-nap and clean her up a bit.  Truth is, we’ve given her a little master-cleanse as well, to flush out her insides to help your online experience even more. Here are five new features about the design that you may/may not notice: We’ve made the switch from …

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Could these 10 things really save the theater?

Crab legs aren’t the only juicy things served up in Seattle these days.  Brendan Kiley, an e-scribe for Seattle’s The Stranger, wrote one heck of a juicy article recently, entitled, “Ten Things Theaters Need to Do Right Now to Save Themselves.” The title grabs you, right?  Well wait until you read some of the ideas . . . including moratoriums on Shakespeare, encouraging boozing, and free babysitting. You can read the firestartin’ article here. Do I agree with all of them?  Do you?  Feel free to chime in below with your comment of choice.  But honestly, whether you agree or disagree …

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“These Three Things . . .”

Today is October 13th. And there are three very special things associated with this great day. – On October 13th, 1929, my father was born.  Today he turns 82.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  Thank you for giving me the gift of the theater.  Without you, I’d be a lawyer. – On October 13th, 2007, four years (!) ago now, I started blogging.  And thankfully you started listening, and inspiring me to do more.  And I love doing more. – And today, on October 13, 2011, after a two year gestation process, Godspell starts performances tonight, on its way towards its opening …

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