Takeaways from my Live Tweetin’ of TEDxBroadway 2015

It has been over a week since TEDxBroadway 2015, but the inspiring words of the color-outside-the-lines speakers are still whispering in my ears as I tackle my day-to-day tasks in this color-within-the-lines industry (if it even lets you color at all!). If you were there, or if you’ve been to any of the TEDxs, then you know what I’m talking about.  It’s such an awesome day – 500 people in a room with one common goal – to make Broadway the best it can be.  Sure, we all may have different ways to get there, but if we remember we’re …

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Look who is bloggin’ now?

Last week I wrote a blog with my 5 Tips to Starting a Theater Blog.  And lo and behold, one appeared! Ok, truth time – this new blog didn’t have anything to do with my post, but it’s still a blog that we all should must read.  Why?  Well, it’s written by someone who has access to more ticketing data than anyone in the biz . . . the Shuberts themselves! Check out the new Shubert Ticketing Blog here (with articles by The Swami himself!). The most recent entry?  “What’s the Problem with Wednesday Nights?”  Or as I like to call it? …

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5 Tips to Starting a Theater Blog (or any blog for that matter).

So you wanna start a theater blog, huh? Gosh, I hope the answer to that is yes. See, my mission statement, on and off my blog, is simple.  I want to amplify the conversation about theater.  If more people are talking about theater, whether that’s because of my blog or because they are playing my board game, then maybe more people will want to go see the theater, or get involved in the theater.  And that floats all our boats, and more importantly enriches people’s lives (cuz I think that’s what the theater does). If there are more theater blogs …

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confused tourist

The Top 3 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without as a Tourist.

I’m in midair as I type this blog, flying back from my honeymoon in Hawaii, where I lived like a tourist for the last 10 days. Going on vacation is always great for relaxing and re-energizing the spirit, but I also find vacations to be super educational for producing Broadway shows. See, Broadway audiences are about 65% tourists. That’s right, 65% of the people filling those seats aren’t from the tri-state area. They take planes, trains and automobiles from hundreds if not thousands of miles away to come to NYC and while they are here, they take in a show …

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Want to know the #1 Secret SEO strategy for Broadway shows?

I’ve got it. It’s the secret sauce for SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the 21st century for Broadway shows, Off Broadway shows, and any small business trying to attract an audience. Countless companies spend more than countless hours and beaucoup de bucks trying to find out the latest black hat or white hat strategy to get their website to the top of the Google rankings for a specific search term. And it made sense to make that kind of investment.  Just imagine how much money you could make if your show’s site came up first when someone searched for Broadway Show …

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