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The Top 3 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without as a Tourist.

I’m in midair as I type this blog, flying back from my honeymoon in Hawaii, where I lived like a tourist for the last 10 days. Going on vacation is always great for relaxing and re-energizing the spirit, but I also find vacations to be super educational for producing Broadway shows. See, Broadway audiences are about 65% tourists. That’s right, 65% of the people filling those seats aren’t from the tri-state area. They take planes, trains and automobiles from hundreds if not thousands of miles away to come to NYC and while they are here, they take in a show …

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Want to know the #1 Secret SEO strategy for Broadway shows?

I’ve got it. It’s the secret sauce for SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the 21st century for Broadway shows, Off Broadway shows, and any small business trying to attract an audience. Countless companies spend more than countless hours and beaucoup de bucks trying to find out the latest black hat or white hat strategy to get their website to the top of the Google rankings for a specific search term. And it made sense to make that kind of investment.  Just imagine how much money you could make if your show’s site came up first when someone searched for Broadway Show …

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Why my site needed a makeover. And why yours may too.

So, whadda ya think? Do you like the new look of the blog?  (If you’re reading this blog via email, click here to check out my fresh new summer look!) Believe it or don’t believe it, it had only been a couple of years since my last e-makeover, but it was already time for a spruce up.  So we added a new look, less stuff, a fancier engine, and a bunch more – including a lot that you can’t even see.  Why did we have to upgrade so quickly? The challenge of doing business in modern internet era, and especially …

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No matter what you think, you can’t get away with it.

I’m predicting a new Law & Order SVU-like spin-off.  Law & Order:  CCU (Cyber Crimes Unit). One of their first “ripped from the headlines” plots would be this week’s global hacker crackdown that nabbed over 90 people across the world for cyber-snooping, blackmail and extortion.  How’d these hackers do it?  They used an easily downloaded piece of Malware (list price – $40) called BlackShades.  (BlackShades used to have its own website but click here to see the cool “seized” landing page that the DOJ and FBI put up in its place). With any great crime story, you need a great victim (remember …

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Fun on a Friday: Ever wonder what Marlon Brandon put in his Bio?

Sometimes I think choosing what to put in your bio for a new show can be more stressful than the opening itself!  Do you include that Off Off Broadway show?  Do you thank your parents?  Do you add a ILYKD??? A little known fact – the reason that actor bios in Playbills are so short is that every show gets a set amount of pages from Playbill for free, and once those pages are used up, the Producer gets charged.  Take a big show with a big cast, and a lot of Producers, and you’ve added an unbudgeted expense to your …

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