You’re a writer, whether you know it or not.

A reader asked me recently what I spend most of my day as a Producer doing. “Is it analyzing ticket trends?  Making budgets?  Schmoozing agents to get their stars to do your shows?” I do each of those things just about every day, actually.  But that’s not what I do the most. What I do the most . . . is write. I write letters to authors.  I write memos to theater owners.  I write text messages to actors.  I also write copy for my investor marketing packets.  I write policies for my staff.  I write remarks for meetings with unions.  I …

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Because a bunch of you missed the Producing 101 teleseminar.

One of my bloggin’ missions this year was to give you what you want. So back in the frigid month of January (remember that nonsense?) I wrote a blog asking you specifically “what your problem was.”  I wanted you to tell me what you wanted in posts, seminars, and more.  And I’d adjust my New Year’s resolutions to try and deliver. I got a bunch of comments, and even more emails telling me very specifically what  you were looking to learn about in 2014.  I created a punch list of all those things that you asked for and have slowly been working …

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Why plays don’t make good movies.

Since I announced I was dipping my toe into the shark-filled movie waters a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from screenwriters and playwrights asking me to consider adding their script to my slate.  My basket of scripts to read that sits right near my desk is overflowing with stuff that has piqued my interest. But one thing that concerned me a bit was the number of emails I got from playwrights who said, “I wrote a play. It’d be a great movie!” Maybe. But most likely not. Saying a play would make a great movie is …

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So you want to enter a Theatre Festival – but which one?

One of my go-to recommendations for my writer consultation clients with new works is to hit the festival circuit. While there are definitely some cons to being one show in a sea of so many others (can’t choose your venue, physical production limited to the set-up/strike time, etc.), the long list of pros usually makes it worth at least submitting the application to see if you get in (and if you don’t, you’ve learned something already – maybe it’s time to do a redraft). My clients inevitably ask, “Which festivals should I enter and how do I find out the info?”  I always rattle off …

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The Finalists for our 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest are . . .

Here ye!  Here ye! Behold, the 10 Finalists for our 3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest! Each one of the 10 Minute plays below will win $50, just for making it this far.  And, on Thursday, July 31st, all of them will be on display at our 10 Minute Play Festival. We’ve got some super-importanté industry folks to judge the event including a literary manager at a high profile non-profit, a literary agent and mucho more. And don’t forget, the audience (that’s you when you get your tickets), will be a judge as well.  Yep, we’re doing this American Idol …

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